So Organised!

On Saturday I felt an overwhelming urge to organise our neglected linen cupboard. It has been neglected in the sense that linen gets placed in there along with towels, an oven, a tool kit and other bits and pieces. I wanted order and I wanted it quickly. I ended up sorting out the towels on one shelf and they were sorted into bath towels, beach towels and gym towels. Then I sorted the linen on another shelf with a section each for pillow cases, doona covers, fitted sheets and regular sheets. This left the top shelf still mixed with blankets and a sleeping bag but I can't reach it anyways so I am just going to ignore it for now. The most exciting (and rewarding) part was that I could finally display my shoes on a shelf. From the back the grey pair is from Wittner, the black pair is from Betts (bought in Perth), the champagne goodies are from Forever New, the suede open toe booties are from Sportsgirl, the black Wittner shoes were my work heels (hence the need for gel inserts), the red pair is from Nude, the gold sandals are from Sportsgirl, then there are two pairs of sandals from Natasha and lucky last an el cheapo pair of sandals from Rivers of all places. When I showed this magical space to Mike he was not convinced and I am going to need to enter some pretty tough negotiations! He wants a space for his gym bag and I've said that he can have the bottom shelf, if we take the heater out. Isn't that generous?

I then sneakily snuck in a few pairs on the side of the cupboard where I have a few coats and scarves hanging. As you can see I have a slight Wittner shoes obsession. I just really like their shoes and they fit my feet so well. I love going into a store knowing I will get consistent sizing, and I always receive fantastic service from the ladies who work in Wittner.
One of my favourite quotes regarding organisation comes from Reese Witherspoon, and she said "I'm a big organizer person. I can spend a good three hours on a sock drawer. It's fantastic." I definitely recognise myself in this and I absolutely love organising, it is such a calming thing to do and it feels great afterwards.
The only problem is that I am terrible at keeping things organised so I do need to work on that. I was caught re-organsing lipsticks and nail polishes yesterday by Mike and it prompted a few questions by him along the lines of "how much does nail polish cost" and "why do you need so many colours?"
Let's just say that I did my best to distract him with a glass of wine, so I think our secret is safe for now.

Are you organised? Do you have a shoe space?



  1. This blog is helpful for us.it was really useful.

  2. Love organisation, love categorising things, love neatness....but when time is poor, then my organisation and neatness goes out the window. When we move into our new house, I hope to have lots of neat spaces, with less clutter and keep it that way x

    1. I know you do:) Organising always makes me feel calm, but I am just terrible at keeping it that way. I am sure your new house will be amazing X

  3. I try really hard to be organised and I usually do ok. Until I get busy, things slide and I have a big spring clean. We're also moving rooms around upstairs which is very messy. I also live with two boys who don't really care about putting stuff away that you might need again in a few days!

    Good job, Ingrid, on the man distraction. The worst thing to do is get them to pay for something as a gift. Then they know how much things cost! :)

    1. I am exactly the same!

      Haha, I'm getting better at the man distraction with the more practice I get;) X

  4. Wow! So well organised! I love when things are nice and neat. I love the new look of your blog by the way.

  5. I love organisation, these cupboards are also soo much better used like this!


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