Review: SHE Pure Magic Primer

I am an occasional primer, purely because it is an extra step in my routine and if I skip that step I have 30 seconds more to spend on figuring out what to wear, how to style my hair or extra time to find out where I put my keys. The joke is on me though because by using that half a minute on the primer my makeup will last longer and I won't have to do touch-ups during the day. Also, by now I should know to always put my keys in the same spot so that I don't have to rush to find them in the morning.

The SHE Pure Magic Primer is actually more like a beautifier than a primer because it gives your skin the glow, minimises the look of your pores, brings the shine down and makes your makeup last longer. A primer will always promise to build a barrier between your skin and your makeup, however they sadly don't always deliver.
As with other SHE products, the Pure Magic Primer is free from sulphates, preservatives, talc and fragrances. With added Vitamin E your skin will be protected and hydrated at the same time. Did someone say double-win? There is also no animal testing.
In the morning I cleanse my face, apply a serum and eye cream, add moisturiser with SPF and then I apply the Pure Magic Primer which I let set for about a minute.

The consistency of the primer reminds me of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which is one of my favourite beauty products. Luckily, the SHE Pure Magic Primer only costs $14.95 compared to the $60 you have to shell out for the Flash Balm so it is a much more economical option.
 Look how smooth my newly primed hand is. This is what I call success.
The SHE Pure Magic Primer passes with flying colours because it doesn't irritate my skin, it nurtures like a moisturiser, keeps my makeup on all day and it gives me the glow. As I am sure you already know, I love the glow.

Do you prime? What is your preferred primer? Are you a fan of the glow?


This product was kindly provided for consideration. Please click here for my disclosure policy.


  1. $14.95 for a good quality primer is a bargain! I will definitely give this a try.

    I used to love Napoleon's Auto Pilot Primer but the $50 price tag was just too much for me to continue repurchasing. After doing some research I found out that the Face of Australia primer has the exact same ingredients in it as Napoleon and since giving it a go I have not gone back. It is also about $13, I think.

    Just shows that you can get a good quality primer for an excellent price these days. Thanks for pointing the SHE primer out!


    1. I agree Lisa, it is a fantastic price point. I can't justify Napoleon's price tag either when there are such similar ones on the market for a lesser cost. Very interesting that it has the same ingredients as the FOA primer, I am intrigued:)

      You are so welcome as always X

  2. not to prime is a crime ingrid! I also use the face of australia primer.. will give this one a go though xx

    1. Haha, consider me arrested then:) You will love SHE, I just know it X

  3. I agree that it's an extra step, but a worthwhile step indeed! I use the FOA primer and I also have a Clarins primer (was given this as a gift) and I think they are very similar in their result! x

    1. Exactly right, it is a ten second skin-vestment and it's so worth it. I am hearing great things about FOA and I didn't even know Clarins had a primer. I love their beauty flash balm X

  4. It seems like a good product for the price. I have a couple of primers but have yet to incorporate them into my daily routine. I think I only ever reach for them when I have more time to do my makeup or when I am going somehwere special or need all day makeup!

    1. It really is. The way I incorporate it is by having the primer next to my moisturiser so I don't forget:) X


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