Review: NVEY ECO Erase Concealer

If you asked me what my desert island product is, and if I was allowed to bring sunscreen, my answer would definitey be concealer. I have dark circles under my eyes and they have always been there. I treat them with eye cream and I generally wear concealer every day. I've worn mascara twice for the past three weeks and yet, the concealer has been an essential part to prove that I am awake. There is nothing worse than when a friend or colleague tells you that you look tired and I am always on the look out for something that can combat these comments.

I am currently using the NVEY ECO Erase Concealer* and have been very impressed so far. It doesn't crease in my fine lines and lasts from morning to evening.
The Erase Concealer is full of good ingredients including Vitamin E, C, A and Jojoba Oil and comes in three shades: Neutral, Medium Tone and Deep Beige. As usual NVEY ECO does not test on animals and contains organic ingredients.
 The packaging is super-sleek and it matches my beautiful Eye Palette.

The texture is quite waxy and initially I thought it was too hard to use, but with the right brush it was easy-peasy and I am really enjoying the consistency.
I also bought an Eco Tools Deluxe Concealer Brush for $7.99 and I am really impressed with the quality. The bristles are so soft! This assists with better application and the blending of the Erase Concealer so I don't get the reverse-panda look.
They are a perfect match. In order to ensure the Erase Concealer lasts I apply eye cream after my morning cleansing routine. I let the eye cream sink in for about a minute and then I apply a layer of concealer. By dabbing the brush lightly the concealer will set and your eye-area will look radiant and refreshed.
Here I wearing the white and pink shades from my new palette and a little mascara. The Erase Concealer has done its job well and made my eye area lighter and brighter which is always appreciated.
The Erase Concealer retails for $29.95 and is available from the NVEY ECO website. This is exactly half price from the delicious cocktail I had on Saturday night at Signorelli Gastronomia where we were on another double date. Delicious doesn't even begin to cover it!
I would love to know what your desert island product is, so please share in the comments. Do you use concealer? What is your favourite flavour Paddle Pop? Mine is banana so that I can tell myself I am contributing to my daily fruit intake.

Xx I

* This product was provided for my consideration. Please click here for my disclosure policy.


  1. I also have the black under my eyes and require a concealer. I use a MAC one and also the Covergirl/Nivea one. I love the Chocolate Paddle Pop - they rock!

    1. I'm pleased I'm not the only one:) I will have to try a choc paddle pop next time X

  2. I hear you re: dark circles. I cannot get away with leaving the house sans concealer! It's very frustrating because I feel it makes me look (more) tired than I am, and can be really difficult to cover up because the high coverage concealers often sink into the creases easily.

    My HG concealer is Estee Lauder's Ideal Light concealer. It doubles as an illuminator/concealer - gives enough coverage to hide dark circles but is a nice, silky formula.



    1. Yes! another member in the dark circle society! I don't like it when a concealer creases because it looks so obvious that I'm trying to cover it up.

      I will have to check out EL next time I'm in store. I shall also have a rainbow paddle pop just because I can Xx

  3. i have really bad dark circles! you can make that out from my pic too. but i dont wear a concealor because it makes my under eye area look quite unnatural...

    1. I couldn't actually see it in the picture! You are beautiful Pranali X

  4. Great make up concealer. I am using this often times.


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