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I am loving neon, but I can't help but feel that it is quite the passing trend. I therefore don't want to invest too much into it because although it sounds boring, my money is better off in my savings account. I was very excited when I went into my local pharmacy and found the Ulta3 stand right next to the entrance. I got both Citrus and Lily White because bright and light colours should always be painted on white polish so that they can shine. When I went to the counter to pay I was charged a grand total of $4.50 which is just incredible!

There was an annoying hair on the brush in Lily White so I cut it off pretty quickly. It then landed on my iPad but luckily it didn't leave a permanent mark. 
I found the polish quite hard to apply because I am used to being sparse with my nail polish but with Ulta3 it is best to just slosh it on for better coverage. You can still get an even coat, it just has to be thick.
The brush in Citrus was perfect, and again I applied it thickly. I did two coats and I am loving the result.
 Sneak peak! So bright and shiny. It is so fluoro I almost need sunnies to look at it.
The fabulous Citrus. I've got neon on my mind! I was naturally listening to a special neon playlist whilst polishing my nails. Neon by John Mayer, Neon Tiger by The Killers and Neon River by Keane.
It just goes to show, you don't have to spend up big to follow a trend. This is quite the statement manicure so I have paired it with my trusty red jeans and a white knit.

Are you a neon lover? Have you tried Ulta3 before? Do you like themed playlists?



  1. Look fantastic hun! I can't get into the neon craze. I feel like a raver if I wear neon lol

    1. Thank you! Your raver comment made me smile X

  2. I love them, Will have to pick some of these up! The white base make such a difference!

    1. You sure will have to. It is too cheap to pass up. X

  3. Gorgeous - I love the yellow neon! I also love the song, Neon River by Keane. Your outfit sounds gorgeous too!


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