Manicure + Pedicure + Batemans Bay

This morning I went with Y for another fabulous catch up and manicure + pedicure session. I haven't seen her since forever so we were overdue! It also made me feel a little better about not looking after the Amazing Gus anymore but I will see him again tomorrow. Although it has been great fun (and hard work) to look after Gus, I can't say that I miss having my clothes/hair/shoes licked by a ferocious pup. It is also great to be back home again.

Picking a colour was even harder than usual because I was in a fantastically indecisive mood and I couldn't make up my mind about going light or dark. I therefore cut to the chase and picked a semi-red OPI shade called Most Honorable Red. For once I was going to have matching fingers and toes, and it's been quite a while since last time.

When my fingers were painted I thought oh, this colour looks a little different but I'm sure it's the same. Imagine my suprise when one of the other ladies who had her nails painted piped up saying that the red colour she had picked was missing. It turns out that the nail technichian had accidentally picked up the wrong bottle for me and I ended up with slightly mis-matched nails again. Which I didn't mind because OPI's Color so Hot it Berns was a fantastic choice and I am loving my red digits.
Just to be a little distracting (because I can), the sandals I'm wearing in the first picture is a cheapie purchase from Rivers in Batemans Bay back in 2009. I can't remember how much I paid but it would definitely have been less than $20 and they have served me well. They have a slight wedge on them and are nice enough to look like go out shoes whilst being as comfortable as Havaianas. The reason we went to Batemans Bay was that I had applied for a graduate visa in September and had not received it by Christmas. We needed a holiday and I couldn't go overseas so we just went to the South Coast of NSW and it was beautiful. The sun was shining, where we stayed had a pool and the local bakery was full of delicious treats. It was also here I got to have my first taste of curly fries. 
I can't believe how fast time flies and it is still unbelievable to me that we are in 2012 already. Which is kind of a problem since we are closer to 2013 so I better get used to 12 being the year I'm in. I am sure I'm not the only one feeling this way though.

What is your current polish colour choice? Have you scored a fantastic holiday purchase? Are you surprised we are over halfway through 2012?

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  1. Ingrid, I think you need a puppy! I think it will help your withdrawal from Gus :) Just keep your make up collection somewhere safe!


    1. Yes Lisa, I do! I spent Friday night googling puppy-pictures. I am not normal:) Xx

  2. I love Bateman's Bay - my mum lives right near there, in Narooma! My nil polish is OPI's Over the Taupe...love it for work as it's not to over the top. Can't believe it's nearly August in 2012!!

    1. BB is fab! I really enjoyed it there and would love to go back. I think it's incredible that it's nearly August. Scary even.

      PS - I love Over the Taupe too X

  3. We have family in Sydney who always go there, they keep asking us to go too, it sounds fab!


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