Irrational Fears

I am sure I'm not the only one, but I am a bit of an irrational fears person. They are irrational because there is no substantial fact objecting to my fear, although I feel that it is legitimate.
The Car:

My first one is a cracker, and yes I know it is absurd. Whenever I am in the car (and I do love driving), I worry that the bottom will fall out and my feet will touch the ground. I actually confessed this to my driving teacher, who luckily was a very understanding and chilled guy. To put my mind at ease he asked me how many times had I heard of stories where a car will just fall a part? And all I could do was to reply the word never. The thought still hasn't left me though, because there is a first for everything.

Snog, Marry, Avoid:

However much I try, I cannot stop being scared of the tip I received from a "contestant" on Snog, Marry, Avoid a couple of weeks ago. "Hairspray on finger, dip it in glitter, apply on eye lid, more hairspray on finger, re-apply. Done!"

I really don't like them! They are just so small and there are so many of them. Mike surprised me with setting up an ant-trap in our kitchen as a when some ants started to love our warm kitchen bench due to the cold summer we had in Sydney this year.

In my hometown we have a beautiful bridge across the world's biggest malstream called Saltstraumen. Whenever we drive across the bridge I fear that it will split in half. The Saltstraumen Bridge is only 768 metres long but it feels much longer when you are on it.
I have more irrational fears but these are the first ones that spring to mind. 

I would love to know yours, and I promise no judging xx


  1. I'm totally with you on the ants thing. I've always hated them and, yes, I am scared of them!

  2. I'm super scared of wolves!! I know there are no wolves in Australia but that doesn't stop me from being terrified of them and thinking they are going to jump out of the bushes and eat me when it's dark. I also hate wolf t-shirts. Not only are they bad taste but they are SO SCARY.

    1. That's really interesting. Wolves are scary, that's for sure. I also agree that the shirts are bad taste X

  3. I am a bit irrational at times. I worry that a car will skid on the road outside our house and come in through the wall while we sleep. I used to worry that someone would break into our house at night while we sleep (and ESPECIALLY if I'm alone in the house). I also have a serious fear of huntsman spiders - to the point where I can't share a room with one...if I know it's there!

    1. I don't even think that's irrational because we do hear about stories where that happens. And it's super scary.

      I hate being home alone for that reason. Where I live now is better because it is a secure building and we're on the top floor, but being on the ground floor always scares me.

      I agree with your huntsman fear, they are not nice! X

  4. My biggest fear is birds. I am petrified of them. They are pure evil.

    1. Birds can be scary, especially when they fly right at you X

  5. I think we all have irrational fears! I think mine are spiders...I hate them and they seem evil the way they crawl around! Ugh, just typing this is making me shiver, lol.


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