Happy Wednesday from Gus

Today is my last day caring for Gus and I'm going to miss him so! He is an absolutely hilarious dog with a fantastic and overactive personality. He is very curios which this nail polish photo attests to.

He is also very fascinated with beauty products.

I dare you to say no to this pretty face.

Today we are going to chase sticks, go to the coffee shop, play with squeaky toys, go for more walks, run faster than an Olympic runner (at least Gus is) and we will have fun. Some relaxation by the pool may be needed to.

Have a fantastic Wednesday, I hope the sun is shining where you are!


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  1. oh so cute! You seem to be enjoying your time off!!

  2. Gorgeous! It is a bit sad when lovely things like that come to an end - perhaps you'll need to get a Gus of your own?

    1. Yes he is beautiful! It really is. I would love a Gus of my own when I decide where I want to live:) X

  3. Awww Gus is SO cute!! Bet you have loved having him around, you will miss him!
    That pool looks so nice & relaxing, and how lovely that the sun has been out shining for you :)

    1. Yes he is!! It has been fantastic but also a little demanding:) It sure was nice sitting out in the sun xx

  4. He is literally so handsome! I really hope we can get a Pup of our own soon!


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