Dry Body Brushing

Whilst I can't have Miranda Kerr's mile long legs, I can at least try and turn them into petite model legs. Miranda has credited dry body brushing over and over again as something she does to smooth her skin whilst it also prevents ingrown hairs and bumpy bits. It also makes your skin shinier and boosts collagen stimulation. I was therefore thrilled to bits when I saw that the August edition of Good Health Magazine came with a dry body brush, and it only cost $6.95. I must confess that I have previously bought a dry body brush from Manicare, but I never ended up using it and I suspect it must have been lost in between moving apartments.
The August issue is really inspiring and I must say that I really like Kate Richie. I remember watching her on Home and Away growing up (yes they screen it in Norway), and I have also met her a few times in my local area. She is so lovely and her dog is a beauty. I also enjoyed the inspiration to do some work on my legs. I am currently going for walks 3-4 times a day with Gus at the moment so it is a nice feeling to be exercising in winter. Thankfully Mike does the morning run so I can at least pretend that I am sleeping in until 7am.

Looking after Gus is going well so far, except for when he chooses to eat my shoes. Luckily I didn't bring any fancy ones. 
He is really cute most of the time and can't go anywhere without receiving compliments on how pretty he is. The dog life is a tough one, I am sure! 

Are you a dry body brusher? A winter exerciser? Happy it's Thursday?



  1. I've never brushed my body - I find it all a bit too much really. I barely have time to brush my hair these days, and that's on display!

    1. You are hilarious:) I know the feeling Xx


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