Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex Hydrating Day Cream & Triple Action Day Defence

Anti-ageing is not my primary skin concern at the moment, however I am in the mindset of feeling that it can't hurt to help my skin a little along. Primarily drinking lots of water, healthy eating and wearing sunscreen are very important things you can do in order to prevent ageing, but skin care can also help immensely.
As I sit here sipping my glass of liquid chlorophyll and hoping that I won't spill it all over me like yesterday, I would like to share two anti-ageing products with you. The packaging of this Dr. LeWinn's duo is deliciously purple and gold, which coincidentally are my favourite shades at the moment. I have been using these goodies for the past eight weeks and we are sadly at the end of our journey together.
Another impressive (and hygenic) feature is that the Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream has a fancy smancy airlock which prevents bacteria from intruding onto your cream. This also helps with allocating the correct portion size of the cream so that your face does not over indulge in its goodness. Both the day cream and the serum are infused with Snap-8 which is an alternative to "painful injections" and is potently reducing lines and wrinkles.

Caviar is a main ingredient and the moisturiser is light and hydrating which is great because there will be no greasy face throughout the day. I found that my skin was not irritated at all and it looked really healthy and evenly moisturised. It didn't matter if I was on a morning or afternoon shift (which I don't miss by the way) because my skin still looked good.
The real winner though is the Line Smoothing Complex S8 Triple-Action Day Defence which is an amazing serum filled with good ingredients like Vitamin E, Black Currant Oil, Caviar Extract, Snap-8 and Lipochroman-6. I have since learnt that Lipochroman-6 is "a remarkable molecule that can capture both nitrogen and oxygen radicals" and it is also a very potent oxigen-radical scavenger. As a result it is a powerful active to prevent damage caused to skin cells produced by the environment.
As you press the pump the millicapsules get crushed and together they form an impressive serum concoction which releases the active ingredients. I do wish that this had come with a portion control as one pump would have peen sufficient, but I loved crushing the beautifully scented bubbles so much that I had to pump twice.
In terms of the real effect on my skin I noticed that my skintone was more even, well hydrated, I had less breakouts and my skin was also a little smoother. At the wee age of 25 I don't have many reasons to frown and I don't have many wrinkles a part from my smile lines so I didn't notice any improvement in relation to this because it wasn't an issue in the first place. Both the moisturiser and serum cost $89.99 each but they are on sale at Priceline at the moment for $71.99. I would prioritise the serum over the moisturiser simply because it is a great serum for any skin concern and my skin was really spoilt by its ingredients, but the moisturiser is fantastic too.

Have you tried any exciting skincare lately? What is your primary skin concern? Favourite colour?


These products were kindly provided for consideration. Please click here to see my disclosure policy.


  1. I haven't tried this brand - it looks interesting. I am big fan of the Paula's Choice brand - I use a lovely night cream, BHA 1% and the daiily face wash. I use an anti-aging serum by Neo-Strata...LOVE this brand too...a bit pricey though.

    1. I absolutely loved the serum! I haven't tried PC but I keep hearing about her. Will have to check it out X


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