Birthday Drinks FOTD

Last night I went out for some birthday drinks and it was great fun. I knew that I wanted my face to glow so I put my favourite makeup soldiers into action. I used the i.d. bareMinerals foundation in fairly light which has a yellowish tinge which is fantastic because it evens out my red cheeks. I also used my delightful NVEY ECO concealer to cover up my tired peepers. I then used my trusty and oh so old bronzer from the Body Shop. I dabbed on a little Illuminating Face Base, also from the Body Shop, in order to try and sculpt some cheek bones. Then there was a little application of the white shade from the MeMeMe shimmer stack for some additional highlighting. Although I must admit that the most exciting thing by far was trying my new Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple. I think I am in love!
This is definitely my kind of art! Makeup is just so fun. I also used a ModelCo mascara but I just can't find it at the moment. I am doing some beauty re-organisation and everything has a new place which is both thrilling and annoying at the same time.

I always take a selfie or two before going out so that I can make sure that what I see in the mirror is what everyone else will see too.  My hair was Remington Hot Wanded and it only took about five minutes. I also used the delightful Strawberry Rose Champagne 1SkinSolution Tinted Lip Butter on my lips. Some may think that combining purple and pink is a little to eighties but I think it is hilarious.
My nail polish of choice was of course OPI's Jade is the new black seeing as Olympic fever has struck in. Norway got a bronze medal this morning so it's going well so far.
 At the end of the night my color tattoo was still going as strong as my necklace layering.
After four different drinks, a Bacardi & coke, a cosmopolitan, a vino and a Midori Splice (I don't discriminate towards alcohol), it was time to hit the hay and I was ready for bed. Thankfully the color tattoo was easy to remove, if not I would have looked like a purple panda this morning.

What have you been wearing on your face lately? Favourite drink? Thoughts on the purple and pink combo?

Xx I


  1. The pink and purple combo is perfect for mixing it up a little - you youthful people can get away with these things! Gorgeous Ingrid! x

    1. Exactly. Mixing it up is fun, rules are boring. Thank you Alison X

  2. I'm quite elderly now and I love pink and purple together. I've got the loveliest lavender shadow from the MAC Disney collection which I wear as a wash with a darker purple smudged along both upper and lower lash lines, teamed with a hot pink lip - Chanel Insolente is my favourite. Just make sure you use a pink blush. Chucking a rose brown or orange in there would be too much. I also skip bronzer in avour of Napoleon Perdis pale pink, white, cream & yellow Mosaic highlighter powder.

    You looked lovely, Ingrid. I'm intrigued by the colour tattoos too. :)

    1. You are a fox Kim-Marie! I love your Chanel lippy. Thanks for the blush tip too X

  3. Love your makeup look Ingrid! I have the MeMeMe Shimemr Stack in Gold and it's gives a gorgeous golden sheen to the cheeks!

    1. Thank you Rose, I loved the purple eyeshadow. Gold is perfect. Now let's hope Australia wins a few more X


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