A Two Toned Manicure

I have been eyeing off two toned nails for quite a while. They are very popular at the moment but it can be hard to know how to do it but I got some clever tips after watching this video by Eliza Ashe. My inspiration were these fridge magnets from Kikki K. The original viking which my good friend Linn sent me was just a bonus. We love sendng each other random post cards. This is by far the best card I have ever received.
The base colour I chose was May from Chanel. A divine pink with some great coverage. I wore it for a few days and let it chip before I added the second colour. Quite clever if I can say so myself. 
The trick with getting the added shade to look even and fabulous is to use round stickers. My first try was unsuccessful because I used stickers that were too big. I hope you learn from my mistake friends. These stickers were much better, and they even colour-coordinated with the yellow I had chosen to use.
I decided to re-visit Hello Sunshine from Sportsgirl. You can't get a better combination of high street and Chanel.
And as for the result, I should have let the nail polish dry a little longer. Unfortunately, as I am an inpatient lady, I couldn't wait to reveal and as such I got small marks where the stickers were. The result was far from perfect but it was great fun to try something different. 
When I do this again I will first of all leave the stickers to dry for at least 10 minutes. I will also ensure that the nail polish has not chipped at the base and my base colour will only have one layer to make the top layer not appear so thick on top. I have learnt my lesson and now I am wondering what I should take my inspiration from for my next two toned manicure. Perhaps the Viking would approve of me using his outfit as a colour chart?

Have you tried two toned nails? What are your best tips? Are you also loving toasted sandwhiches in winter?



  1. Came for the Viking, stayed for the nails.

    I've done diagonal stripes and I recommend using magic-tape instead of stickers.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Tamsin. The viking is quite irresistible. The magic tape is great advice, thank you xx

  2. I do this all the time, for my half moon manis, and you should definitely pull the stickers off gently as soon as you've painted them as this gives you a crisp line. :)

    I do use magic tape for the rest of my nail art styles though.

    I think you did quite well for your first effort though!

    1. Three cheers for you! Shall try again with more success xxx

  3. They look so cool! Oh and I love toasted sandwhiched, ham and cheese please with butter on the outside!


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