Snapshots of Last Year's Holiday Part 2

In part one I shared with you our trip to Bangkok and Norway. Now we move on to Copenhagen, the Matterhorn + Zermatt and Berlin. We travelled with hand luggage only and left our suit cases at the hotel in Oslo. This was a clever move as we didn't have to wait for our bags anywhere and we always got out of the airport quickly. We stayed about 2-3 days in each place and it was just perfect.
The Little Mermaid + ice cream are essential Copenhagen experiences.
We walked to the top of the tower of the Church of Our Saviour. 
For a meagre $5 each we got the best 360 degree view of Copenhagen. It was amazing!
We then went to Tivoli Gardens which first opened in 1843. I love theme parks so I had
the best time.
Happy Hour at Hard Rock Cafe was a must. We went slightly overboard.
At the gorgeous marina. Approximately 10 minutes after this picture was taken I had spilt
pizza all over my trench.
Ignoring the beautiful scenery in Switzerland. Reading my book was too important. 
The beautiful Matterhorn did not disappoint. Neither did Zermatt, which was
a gorgeous alpine town.
I got such a Sound of Music feeling being here surrounded by lush hills and wooden chalets.
I also fell in love with the pretzel man. How could I possibly resist?
The king of the mountain.
The delicious Toblerone chocolate was modelled from the Matterhorn. Can you see the resemblance?
Hello Berlin! This is Brandenburger Tor.
This is what met us in a shopping mall. May the force be with you.
The Neptune Fountain. 
The Berlin Wall.
At the Olympic Stadium.
I LOVE a good pun. I can't get enough of this ad. Are you Berlinternational?
Back in Oslo and seeing my amazing friends. Goodbye holiday...

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