Sentimental Jewellery

I love jewellery, and I always mix cheap and cheerful pieces with my favourite sentimental jewellery. I am lucky to have many pieces I adore and I know I will have them forever. The memories connected with these pieces are fantastic too.
Christmas present from Mike: A white gold and diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co
After my grandma passed away my grandpa gave us grandkids $100 each. I bought this
gold ring and I haven't taken it off since. She is with me every day.
My grandpa gave me birthday and Christmas money at once and I bought this silver
Tiffany & Co bracelet as a "finishing my bachelor degree" present.

This Oroton bracelet was a birthday present from my girlfriends. 
These earrings were a birthday present from one of my girlfriends.
Another Christmas present from Mike: White and gold Hermes bracelet.
My parents gave me a Bodø necklace which showcases the beautiful parts of my hometown.
The Bodø-drop has the church tower, the sea eagle, the midnight sun and an old boat on it. 
I am now on the hunt for my next big jewellery purchase. I want something after my grandpa but I haven't found the right piece yet. I tried layering a Pandora ring with the gold ring but it just didn't work. I will keep looking.

What are your favourite sentimental jewellery pieces? 



  1. What a great collection. The Bodø-drop is gorgeous. So unique! And the Hermes bracelet, oh my!
    I have a few special pieces too. Mainly connected with people and memories:
    - a locket given to me by my best friend with photos from when we were little inside.
    - a full Pandora bracelet, every bead has a memory behind it.
    - a Thomas Sabo bracelet I bought with money my Poopa (grandfather) had given me just before he passed.
    - my Nanna's wedding ring which she wore everyday until she passed. It's is worn so thin from wearing it for almost 50 years.
    - a gold and diamond ring my Grandfather picked out for me before he died when I was five. I was given it for my 13th birthday.
    - my engagement and wedding ring, for obvious reasons.
    - a Libra charm that hangs around my neck. It was my Dad's and I remember playing with it when I was little. I am the only other Libra in the family so I was lucky enough for Mum to give it to me when he passed away.
    I'm running around taking photos now. I'll post on twitter later. Look out!

    1. Thank you Katie, and for sharing your special pieces with us. They all are beautiful & I LOVED seeing the pictures.


  2. They are all so pretty Ingrid, you have a lovely collection. My favourite sentimental piece at the moment is my Nan's watch. She is still here but last summer I had searched for a specific vintage style of watch and when she got wind of what I was after she said I have just the thing! I really hope you find what you are after with your next purchase! x

    1. Thank you Joanne. Your Nan's watch sounds absolutely beautiful, what a lovely thing for her to do:) X

  3. You have some lovely pieces Ingrid. I have a few sentimental pieces; both my Grandma's engagement and wedding bands, my Mum's Pandora-style bracelet and of course, my engagement and wedding rings. I should do something with my Grandma's rings - I just don't know what to do...xox

    1. Thank you Alison! Love the sound of your special pieces. X

  4. Loved this post and I just created one of my own! Thanks for the inspiration!
    You can check it out here:

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thank you for letting me know, I am jumping over to check it out;) x


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