Saturday Bits and Pieces

First of all, because I can, here is a picture of Bertha on ice as we celebrate winter officially being here.
And would you believe it only took one day for the rain to appear? Carrying an umbrella everywhere is a must now. PS - if you are ever in need of an umbrella, most hotels will gladly lend you one.
Tonight I will be applying June from Chanel because obviously my nails need to coordinate with the month of year.
Whilst we are on the topic of nails, can I please share my thoughts on the OPI nail app? You see, I really like it because it is good fun and the spinning nail shade wheel is just so much fun. I have seen people saying that the colours don't match well enough so I thought I would do two comparisons and you can see if they are right or wrong. The colours are definitely more faded on the screen but it is a great starting point and as it is a free app, I think it is a fantastic nail resource. What do you think?
I'm loving this colourful arm party from MollyFB. She is currently having a logo drawn by divine illustrator Kerrie Hess and I cannot wait to see how fabulous it will be!
And lucky last, the divine Bobbi Brown is releasing a brow kit. She released this picture a couple of months ago so I am sure it is in the pipeline soon. 

How has your Saturday been? Are you ready for winter? Or summer if you're in Europe/US?



  1. I love your posts. I love everything that you write about too! That June nail polish is divine and you know how much I love MollyFB. The OPI app looks like fun! The colours do look different, but still a great way to get an idea of the colours.
    Now, as for that Bobbie Brown Brow Kit. I die. I just googled it to find out more, and I believe it has already been released!
    And no, I'm not ready for winter. I still need ankle boots and more jumpers and jackets! K.xx

    1. Thank you Katie, those are wonderful words. I am having a wine right now to celebrate! We are both strong MollyFB fans, but how could we not be? She is amazing.

      Haha, yes I finally found it too. If only BB was available cheaply online from the US we could shop up a storm.

      Good luck with your wintershopping hun xx

  2. hi Ingrid!
    I love the peach (June) Chanel nail polish. such a lovely colour! I got my nails done today in a pinky orange shellac colour.
    I think the OPI colours looks very similar to the app pictures, obviously they aren't going to match properly, but, it's a very nice deep leafy green. Bobbi Brown <3
    It has been a relaxing saturday, I am now ready for tomorrow to be crazy. How was your day??
    I am almost ready for winter. I would like to get some knee high/ mid calf boots and a hip length coat. then I'm ready. : )
    kate. xx

    1. June is amazing. Such a perfect little peach!

      OPI is just such a cool brand, I love spinning the wheelt to see which colour I will land on.

      I worked all weekend so I am ready for a day off soon. I just relaxed and caught up on sleep and wine. Good luck with the shopping, let me know what you find X

  3. I especially love the orange from Chanel, such an unusual and pretty colour! The Bobbi Brown kit looks like perfection! Elvira xx

    1. I agree on both accounts Elvira. You have lovely taste xx

  4. Hi Ingrid,

    I love the OPI website, it's so fun changing the colours and seeing what suits.
    The colours you brought look lovely on your nails.


    1. I think so too. It is great fun:) X

  5. Love this post - I never even knew there was an OPI app...will be getting on board. Thanks for that x

    1. Yay! Let's spin that colour wheel. You can also save your favourites...=) X

  6. very nice and delicate orange colour on your nails xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. Lots of lovely things going on there! Love your arm party and the nail app looks really cool, I bet the brow kit will be a huge hit too!


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