New Purchase: Green Venus and Cotton On

It's been a while since the last new purchase post and I thought it was time to confess yet again. Yesterday I had to go to our real estate agent and re-sign our lease for our apartment. As I was leaving the agent (having left 20 signatures behind) I stumbled into this awesome store next door called Green Venus. It's a gift shop that has everything you could ever need. Amazing service too! I could have stayed there for ages. As soon as I walked in I was informed that they had 30% off everything in store. Hello empty wallet!

I bought a magnetic weekly planner which I am going to use as my weekly blog calendar. I love that it has the French weekdays too, as these are the main words I remember after studying French for five years. It was $10 and will pay for itself many times, I just know it.
Then there was the eye pillow for $12 (chill in fridge for one hour for heavenly decadence), a note book ($3) and the keyring TASSEL ($10). I can't get enough of the tassel, it is just so pretty, soft and amazing! The necklaces were about $7 each after the discount. All in all I dropped $50 in Green Venus and I think I did well.
Then I moved onto Cotton On. Sadly the service here was awful (us customers were ignored by four shop assistants) and usually I would walk out, but I did want to have my shop on. I always buy the charity tote for $2 and I loved this cute dotted pattern.
The Orange Suede bag was on sale for $10. The colour is great and my iPad will fit in there. Double win. Stockings are also an essential for cold winter days.

I also needed a hoodie, and couldn't resist this peach coloured softie with French writing. I want to live in it, I really do. As it was $29.95 it would be quite cheap rent, I'm just saying.
Then there were the basics that were the reason I actually came into the store. Three singlets for $15, perfect for layering and I do want to wear them all at once. Surely this is a new trend in the making?
I think I did well since I was just running an errand. I wasn't feeling well yesterday morning so I was comfort shopping and it was nice to walk away with beautiful things that I will be using.

Do you comfort shop? What has been your most recent purchase? Do you love TASSELS?



  1. That gift shop sounded so cool, I love stores like that. Gosh I cannot stand the customer service in highstreet chain stores, when will they learn?!

  2. I need to get that weekly planner!! It's exactly what I've been searching for.


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