ModelCo gift with purchase from InStyle

For those Aussies out there I am delighted to share InStyle's latest GWP. It's a 10th anniversary special from ModelCo and you receive a mascara, a gloss, a blush and a mirror. All for $12.95 including the magazine so this can be a great way to update your makeup collection if you need to. There are two collections to choose from and I bought Peach Bellini. Charlize is on the cover doing her thing and her arm party is beautiful if I may say so myself.

This morning (yes I get up very early) I applied foundation and concealer as usual and added the blush, mascara and gloss. The shine gloss smells sweetly like coconuts so you can close your eyes and think that you are on that longed for island holiday. The blush is gorgeous, it almost looks like a bronzer on and gives amazing coverage. Sadly, I didn't care much for the mascara. I didn't get much of a lift from it and it dries very quickly which makes it difficult to add layers to improve the volume and length of the lashes.

Then, for the 30 days of lippy challenge I added Revlon's Colourstay lip liner in red and it looks like a nice stain. I should do this more often.

Now I'm ready to take on the day, with a coconut water in my bag and a coffee on its way. Yesterday I got the real wow-factor when the barista spotted me from 50 metres away and she had the coffee ready when I got there.

Happy Thursday aka almost Friday to everyone.

Do you buy magazine GWPs? Does your barista know your order well? What do you like in a mascara?


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  1. What a great gift!! I really don't need it, but I think I'll get it anyway :) Rachel x

  2. I got the other collection because I don't have a rosewood blush. My mascara needs to give me blackest black long fluttery lashes. I don't like thickening formulas because they just clump but I do like long defined lashes. I build up extra on the corners so they look more fluttery.

  3. The last magazine I purchased (I get vogue delivered every month) was Marie Clare because it came with a Napoleon lip gloss. I tend not to buy many mags anymore.

  4. I have been using Rimmel's Sexy Curves (that I recently won - YAY!) and I like it. The little brush has curves and it goes on really well. How cool is it that your barista sees you from far away and has your order ready to go? Loving that red Revlon lippy!! Gorgeous! x

  5. I think the best mag gift was the modelco Fiberwig that came from Cleo or cosmo a month or so ago!
    Btw nice lippy- slightly envious how you can wear any lip colour and not look bad :)


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