The Mascara Casting

You may wonder what occurs during a casting. It could be and audition for a movie, tv series or commercial. In February I went to a casting to a well-known cosmetics company and I thought it was quite interesting. They advertised on Twitter and Facebook for people to contact them regarding an opportunity to discuss one of their mascaras. I jumped at the chance (you always have to try everything once with an exception of the illegal stuff) and sent my details through with a picture.
And lo and behold I was invited to participate on a casting. I came to the head office on a rainy day and  spoke with the delightful brand manager who also interviewed me regarding my favourite beauty tip, what attracts me to ads and so on. I think my answer to the ad question was not preferred as I said that I don't like it when mascara ads use obvious fake lashes because, after all, what is the point? What can I say, a girl's got to keep it honest at all times. Unless we are talking away recent shoe/bag/makeup purchases (insert what suits). 
Source. This is not the company I did my casting for.
After our Q and A we moved onto rehearsing lines and I was filmed whilst saying them a few times. This was great fun, and I hope my Scando accent wasn't a hurdle. The battery on the camera was running out though so it was a little rushed. I did think it went well and I had a great time doing it. I believe it is always important to step out of your comfort zone. 

I did however never end up finding out how it went because I had to rush to Norway a week after the casting and suddenly it didn't seem important anymore. I did have a little Google search the other day and couldn't find the ad so it was either not done or maybe it hasn't been released yet? Either way, I will keep you updated and it was a fun experience. 

Have you done a casting before? How do you step out of your comfort zone? Does false-lashing a mascara ad annoy you too?



  1. I agree with you on the false lash thing. It really annoys me when ads say at the bottom "filmed using lash inserts" Well of course her lashes are going to look fuller then! Really puts me off certain mascaras. We have a new guide on my counter that has different looks and one girl CLEARLY has false lashes on (I say cleary because they are so badly applied!) and yet they've put that it's one coat of mascara....even though we sell the false lashes too.....ridiculous!

    Anyway sorry for that little rant! haha! I've never been to a casting but it sounds like you had fun so I would consider doing this as a little non-comfort zone adventure if it came up in my area. Thanks for the post, I love hearing about people's experiences of the unknown!

  2. Ohhh how exciting! It sounds like so much fun.

    I agree with you about the false lashes. I think that make up ads shouldn't be able to do photoshopping. If you cant show that your product works without photo shop, then it probably doesn't work!

  3. Wow that's so cool that you went to a casting! I have always wondered what something like that would be like. Pretty annoying that you never heard anything back though, that would drive me crazy!
    Good on you for being honest in your answers to the questions, and I'm sure deep down the brand manager would've agreed with you :)
    You look absolutely gorgeous in that top picture, your skin looks glowing!

  4. Life is about stepping out of our comfort zones and challenging ourselves - well done to you for doing that! It is very brave! x

  5. How fun, good for you! I do agree with the false lashes! Certainly puts me off wanting to buy the more expensive ones as I have no idea how good it'll be!

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun! Did you get anything out of it, like some lovely beauty loot?

    I agree with you on the false lashes, it seems silly when you're promoting a new mascara!

  7. Sooo cool Ingrid, have to agree with the whole false lashes thing. I think if we all had lashes like false ones we wouldnt have the need for a mascara at all!


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