Leaving Drinks, Treats and Presents

Yesterday was a really amazing day and I was spoilt with cards, great words and sweet treats. We also went for leaving drinks and it was so much fun. The fact that it was my last day felt really weird but right at the same time. My boss got me this glorious hot lips cupcake, she clearly knows me well. There was red velvet hiding underneath. Suffice to say, I took a break from no sugar - I just could not resist.
My colleague had baked chocolate and coffee flavoured macarons for the first time and she had saved me one. It was so nice and went perfectly with my morning coffee.
Then one of my favourite regular guests gave me a great present - Bon Bon chocolates.

Now this is what I would call culinary art - these pieces are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
And as the day came to an end I thought there would be no fuss because no one had mentioned anything but suddenly as we were about to leave I was surprised by my colleagues with a super-nice card and lots of great Witchery presents. The funny thing is that these are all items I would have picked for myself. It's a great match.
Another scarf to add to my collection.
Amazing smelling Peony Rose Body Creme and Body Wash
A fabulously sparkly toiletry bag.
The leaving drinks were such fun and my beverage of choice was this giant jug of Pimms and Lemonade, alternated with wine and water. I asked the bartender for two glasses to make it appear a little better, when in all honesty I should have just asked for a giant straw. Maybe next time?
We are always smiling Georgie and I. It must be a hospitality thing since we have the Yes I Can attitude. I even have a pin to prove it.
And how did I feel today when I was going to sleep in with no alarm ringing? Well I woke up at 7am of course. The great thing about it was that I could go straight back to bed.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!



  1. What a lovely time, thanks for sharing that hun! I love the gifts you got also, clearly your ex-colleagues knew you really well! :)


    1. It really was a great day. Loving my presents:) xx

  2. Lovely! It's so nice to celebrate the end of things...and to new beginnings x

    1. Exactly! Especially nice since I don't know what the new beginning is yet X


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