Five Albums and Two Songs

I am a big fan of the humble music album. I buy at least one album each month and I love discovering new sounds. Pre-ordering an album is also super exciting because you will get your hands on those tracks as soon as possible. I buy my music on iTunes, my boombox is my iPhone and I carry headphones with me everywhere so that I can listen to music whenever and wherever. Here are some of my recent purchases.

Madonna - MDNA

I am a long-time Madonna fan and I think her music is the bees-knees. This album is only half-good though because there are some strange tracks on there (Gang Bang, Masterpiece and I'm Addicted are some of them) but I'll forgive her because it is Madonna after all. I prefer the good old days of Cherish, True Blue and Vogue, but yet Queen Madge keeps evolving and I am enjoying her journey. Madonna is coming to Oslo this year and some of my girlfriends are going to see her live. I am so jealous. I can't count how many times I have seen her Confessions on the Dancefloor dvd, she is an amazing entertainer!

John Mayer - Born and Raised

This was one of those pre-ordered albums because John Mayer always delivers. I have seen him in concert and he is just amazing. Born and Raised sees him going towards a country sound and it is really nice. A Face to Call Home, Love is a Verb and Shadow Days are my favourite songs from this album but I like them all.

Bon Iver - Bon Iver

I was really behind on the eight ball on this one, I only picked up on Bon Iver a couple of months ago and I haven't stopped playing him since. The album flows amazingly together and it is pure perfection. Holoscene is my favourite track but they are all great.

Keane - Strangeland 

I have liked Keane since their debut album was released about 7 years ago. They are well and truly back with Strangeland, and the opening track You are Young is a cracker. Alison from Sew and Bake and Love did a fantastic review of the album and it prompted me to buy it and I haven't regretted it at all.

Missy Higgins - The Ol'Razzle Dazzle

Her voice is beautiful, the songs are great and this is a perfect album for when you just need a relaxing and rejuvenating break. My favourite tracks include Hidden Ones, Unashamed Desire and Temporary Love.

I sometimes can't wait for an artist to release an album so I often buy single songs too. Katy Perry always makes me dance and Wide Awake is no exception.
Sia & Flo Rida make a fantastic team on the Wild Ones, it's one of those songs I had stuck on repeat for a good week. This is a great track to make you run faster, I promise.

Which albums or songs have you bought lately? What is your favourite song at the moment?



  1. i so love John Mayers! His song- your body is a wonderland, is one of my all time fav...

  2. You do have a wide variety in music taste. I must say I DEFINITELY agree with your Keane taste (hahaha) - LOVE this album! I have also recenely fallen in love with Ed Sheeran....IN LOVE. Love his songs 'Kiss Me' and 'Give me Love' - check him out Ingrid. Great post!! x

  3. Definitely a wide variety of music. It's great to discover new music and sounds. I havn't bought an album in ages... But I kind of love Simple Plan these days... Maybe because they remind me my home town Montreal...

  4. Himself and I decided to start updating our collection more often a few months ago. So we try and add one or two albums a month now. We do try to step out of our comfort zone too. I really want John Mayer's new album but my bf doesnt like him so he keeps winding me up saying no! I am actually going to just download it soon! Oh and that Flo Rida song seems like the perfect workout song!


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