Do: The Coogee to Bronte Cliff Walk

I am lucky enough to be living by a beautiful beach and I am always surrounded by beautiful scenery. I like to do the Coogee to Bondi Cliff Walk but on this occasion we only went to Bronte because I met up with my good friend Kat and she walked with me to Coogee again. This is one of those pinch-me walks because it is so stunning, even on a day with bad weather. Even better, it is free!
Gordon's Bay. I usually go here in summer for a swim.  
Glossy Beauty HQ is in the background. 
The view towards Coogee and Maroubra.
The horizon. Blue on blue on blue.
Clovelly Beach.
The Clovelly Bowling Club. Do not stop here for drinks because you won't keep going. 
To make sure you don't get lost, follow the fish eating the jellyfish.
The view towards Tamarama and Bondi.
Waverly Cemetary. They filmed a scene from the Great Gatsby here. 
Steep cliffs.
Looking back to where we came from.
My favourite stop - the water station. 
Bronte beach. 
Gorgeous day in Bronte.
Kat and I reunited.
Have you done the cliff walk? Do you have any similar walks where you live?

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. we are such tourists.. Hopefully tomorrow is sunny! Although the temperature has dropped... We can walk/run with scarfs on right haha?? X

    1. Super tourists. Looking forward to Friday although I am not sure who is walking who yet...

  2. Such beautiful photos - I just noticed I did a similar blog post today - Being a Tourist in My Own City...weird! These photos are amazing! What camera do you use Ingrid? x

    1. Thank you Alison, I am looking forward to reading it. I am actually using the iPhone 4 if you can believe it? I guess with good lighting it's a fab camera xx


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