Blue Nails - Australis Sky's the Limit

I really enjoy wearing colourful clothes because it cheers me up and I also get to wear something other than the black suits I wear to work. Sometimes I combine bright colours like I did last week. The yellow matched the beautiful day and the blue clashed fantastically. The knit is from Vero Moda via asos and the necklace is Ruby + Riley.
I wanted matching nails and I ended up painting them Smarties blue with Sky's the Limit from Australis. This polish cost $7.95 from Priceline and it's truly been worth it's weight in gold. Beautiful colour, great coverage and a snassy blue. 
As a fun fact, both my last work places have had Blue in the name. Must be something in the air? At least my resume will match beautifully, which is great since I love symmetry.
I applied two coats and received perfection in return. I recently went on a nail clipping binge and my nails are shorter than they have ever been. I am loving it!
This colour makes me want to eat Smarties. But only the blue ones, I am loyal after all. This could also be a great State of Origin manicure if you are a NSW supporter like me.
When I went for my walk I even found that the blue matched the poles by the beach. A perfect match in deed. That island you can spy on the right is called Wedding Cake Island. Isn't it perfection?
Now tell me, are you a NSW supporter? Do you like blue nails? Short or long nails? Do tell...



  1. Love this colour. Quite taken with the Chanel denim range too. Bit pricey but gorgeous colours!

  2. Such a gorgeous colour and love the necklace

  3. LOVE the neon yellow and blue combo! Gorgeous for summer xxx

  4. Thank you everyone. I am taken with the Chanel denim too, if only I could afford it;)



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