30 Days of Lippy

I think it is really easy to get into a makeup rut, and suddenly you carry 10 lip products in your bag whilst using only one all the time. I was therefore excited to see that Rosemary from Lashes and Lattes + Kimberley from Pop Couture had created 30 Days of Lippy for the month of June. I will be updating this post throughout June so stay tuned for some lipspiration.

1) Favourite Lip Colour: Candy Apple Lip Butter from Revlon
2) Bright Orange: Coral Colourburst from Revlon
3) Nude: Kate Moss for Rimmel London in 07
4) Red: True Red Colourburst from Revlon
5) Coral: Korres Lip Butter in Mango
6) Wear a Stain: Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in 07
7) Your Fave Revlon Lip Butter: Strawberry Shortcake. Pink is king!
8) Wear a Matte Finish: Clinique Sugared Maple
9) Hot Pink: Rimmel London in Pink Gossip 110.
10: Most recent lip purchase: Natio Antioxidant Lip Shine in Faith
11: Shimmer. Lemonaid Lip Aid from Lanolips.
12) Close to your natural lip colour: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb
13) Lilac or Mauve: Revlon Matte in Mauve it Over
14) Wear Blush on Your Lips
15) Brown
16) Two-tone Lip: Vani-T in Frisky Business and Vamp
17) The darkest lipstick you own
18) Berry-licious
19) Sheer Flush
20) Orange Red 
21) Use a lip pencil to fill your lips
22) Deep Purple
23) Bee-stung Lips
24) Peach
25) The Brightest Lipstick You Own
26) Glossy
27) Maroon
28) Your Favourite Lip Care Product
29) Gold
30) Your New Favourite Lip Colour
Do you have a favourite lip colour?


  1. Oh Ingrid! This is SUCH a cool post. You're positively gorgeous girl. I am so delighted that you're enjoying the challenge. I'm finding things I'd forgotten I even had. I really love your favourite lip colour, it's so lovely on you. Oh, who am I kidding?! I love them ALL! Rosie xxx

    1. Thank you Rosemary, you have made my day:) I am having too much fun with the challenge xx

  2. Oh, such a fun post! I was just thinking last week how boring I am with lipsticks (I tend to fall into the habit of using certain ones more often than others, then I find the older ones and fall in love all over again).

    You are such a stunning girl!!! I like them all so much, I can't pick a favourite! I think I've just fallen in love with the mango Korres pot too, if I end up buying it, I'm going to blame you!


    1. Thank you Nalini, I have been having the best time. I have definitely been stuck in a rut and feel ashamed that I haven't been using all the good stuff I own.

      The Korress is delicious!:) I am happy to take the blame;)

  3. I've become a bit of a lipstick/butter lover lately and its always the last part of my makeup to go on and boy the difference it makes! Its nice to add a pop of colour, especially with this weather at the moment!

    1. Yes! A pop of colur is the best accessory, no matter how dark and dreary the weather gets xx

  4. I love this idea -I don't think I have time for it right now, but maybe in the future?!? My favourite lip colour is my Stila Coral lip liner, with a clear low-sheen gloss over the top - I always feel good in it. x

    1. Oooh the Stila Coral lip liner sounds lovely. It's great to have a colour you feel good in, so important. Xx


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