1SkinSolution Tinted Lip Butter

Hot off production, the four brand new tinted lip butters from 1SkinSolution arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it didn't take me long to try them all on. One thing that bugs me with tinted lip balms is that they often have very sheer colouring and you can hardly see that you are wearing any. This is not the case with these lip butters because you definitely get statement-worthy colours. The packaging is adorable too.
There is no denying that the names make me hungry. There is Strawberry Rose Champagne, Coconut Plum, Guava Lemonade and Almond Biscotti.
The consistency of the lip butter absolutely delights me for two reasons: 1) I know it has been made from scratch with a loving heart 2) The colour blends better on the lips.
Just quietly, chunky swatches delight me too. 

The first two lip butters are my favourite, they just suit me so well. It is still early days though so I am sure I will change my mind soon. The lip butters cost $14.50 each but there is a special 20% off at the moment + free shipping. Some of the ingredients are CocoaButter, Coconut Oil, Petroleum, Shea Butter, Candellia wax and Vitamin E. This means that I don't have to prep my lips with a lip balm first.

Are you a tinted lip butter fan? Which colour is your favourite?


These products were kindly provided for consideration. This has not affected my opinion. To see my disclosure policy, please click here.


  1. Thank you for the great review - all the colours look gorgeous on you!! xoxo

  2. They looks gorgeous! I actually love the second two, Guava Lemonade and Almond Biscotti. I have never tried a tinted lip butter but they certainly sound like they would be very nourishing on the lips.

    Thanks for the review, have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. These look like heaps of fun! My fave is the Strawberry Rose! Thank you for sharing! x

    1. They are beautiful aren't they? So chunky and nice:) X

  4. Ooh those looks great! Since the lip butters came out I have made the decision to only wear moisturising lipsticks or tinted balms etc. These look so good, gorgeous colours!


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