The Weekend Review: Sangria and the Supermoon

This weekend I was working again but I was doing morning shifts which means I finished by 3.30pm and could enjoy what the afternoon had to offer. After work on Saturday I went to the Revlon Nail Bar and enjoyed having polka dot nails. Next on the agenda was a visit to one of my favourite cafes in Sydney; Jet Bar Caffe which is located in the gorgeous Queen Victoria Building. I had what I always have; deep fried olives (they are incredible) and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I read the paper by the bar and had a really nice timeout. Being around people all day at work can be stressful so I love sneaking in some alone time when I can.
Later in the evening I went to my friend Louise's leaving dinner in Glebe at a Mexican restaurant called Baja Cantina. I hadn't been there before but the vibe was really good and it was a really fun night! I love sangria and Baja Cantina does make a delicious one. I call it a liquid fruit salad, it's just so good!
Louise and I doing our farewell! She is moving to the UK with her lovely partner and they are going to have the best time, I just know it.
One of Louise's friends is a swimmer on the Mozambique olympic team and he was just a lovely guy. I had to have a picture of him so if he wins anything in London, remember that you saw him on Glossy Beauty first! Sadly I don't remember his name, I am bad with names but great at remembering faces.
After dinner (I had fajitas) we walked over to Cafe Otto for dessert. It was absolutely wonderful. Warm chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce. I'll let the picture do the talking.
After that I went home because I was working the next morning and I didn't want to over-sleep. I never do but I am always scared it's going to happen. Never say never they say. On Sunday night there was an amazing Supermoon on the horizon and I had a great view from my apartment. I was told by some pilots that the view from above had been incredible and they nearly had to shield their eyes in the cockpit because it was so bright. 
On Monday morning my actual weekend started and I met up with my friend Edie in Surry Hills. I had to redeem myself for my indulgent weekend and I had a beautiful granola, youghurt and fruit salad from Four Ate Five
In the afternoon I went to the newly re-opened Museum of Contemporary art with another girlfriend and I couldn't resist taking these photos of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge afterwards. 
All in all I had a fantastic weekend and it was nice to enjoy good food and great company with some art on the side.

How was your weekend? What was the best meal you ate?


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