The Unlikely Project: Quitting Sugar

For those who know me, I am a very unlikely person to try to quit sugar. I love my sugar and I do sense that there is an addiction underlying the love. I was initially sceptical (and I probably still am) to getting the I Quit Sugar book written by Sarah Wilson, but I figured I don't have much to loose over $15 and it is a really interesting concept. I know it will be hard so I have enlisted Mike to join me in the IQS fight. It is only an 8 week program and then you can re-introduce sugar into your life. I am not doing this for weightloss but for improved health and also to distance myself from food as a reward.
The reason I am letting you know I am doing this is that hopefully you will keep me on the straight and narrow. I want to give this a really good go and see how it goes. I promise I won't preach (after all I had to postphone the project so I could finish my Nutella jar) but hopefully this will go well. 

The things I am most sad about giving up are fruit, tomato sauce, pasta sauce, Up & Go (my morning routine), cinnamon sugar, chocolate, ice cream and the occasional soft drink. I am the girl who has tomato sauce on everything and I appreciate a jar of Dolmio like it is a fine glass of wine. And with the mention of wine, this will be my lifeline. You can have one glass of either red or white daily and I think that will help me get through it all. Looking at calorie-free sweet things like young Gustaf will also help.
I have never been much of a diet person and I don't have a very good track-record when it comes to these things. I once tried the lemon detox diet but gave up after 8 hours and ordered Dominos instead. I do think it will be different this time because I want to see how my body reacts and plan ahead to avoid the afternoon sump and the first week you swap. I will swap my Nutella for peanut butter (Macro does an amazing organic version with 100% peanuts), the Up & Go for chai tea and along the way I will figure out the rest. Hopefully this will be a fun experience!

I would love to know if you have ever tried to eliminate anything from your diet? Have you done a detox?


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  1. I just gave up tomato sauce to! Part of a detox thing. Herbs help and mustard us good alternative


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