Tanning Delight and Fright + a Vani-T Bronzing Custard Review

I am sure we have all been there. The fake tan didn't go as planned and you are either looking patchy, orange or both. I have never self-tanned but I have had four spray tans in my life which is not a lot but enough to know when they are good or bad. Here are two examples of how good it can look when it's done well, and how bad it can look when the tandoori chicken look has been maximised in true Snog, Marry Avoid style. Sadly I was not invited to be on the show when I was sporting tan number two.
When tans delight.
When tans cause fright!
As a non self-tanner I think gradual tanning lotions are a fantastic alternative to the full thing because you can't muck it up, it is cheaper and you can stop when you feel like the colour is strong enough. It is also great to use them for when you are maintaining the tan in between salon visits. The Bronzing Custard from Vani-T is a great example of a gradual tanner and it gives you results really fast. I am a big fan of the delicious packaging because I cannot resist the combination of bronze, pink and diamonds. 
An important thing to remember when using the Vani-T Bronzing Custard is that less is more, and remember to wash your hands after applying it as you don't want two-shade hands. 
I find that a ten-cent piece is enough for one of my legs but you have to take into account that I am pretty short. If you have (lucky) legs eleven you might need twenty cents. Either way the 200mls will last you quite a while. The Bronzing custard costs $29.80 which is 298 ten cent pieces or 149 twency cent pieces if you are so inclined. This picture is from when I did the Mineral Diamond Dust review and as you can see, my arm is tanner than usual, especially seeing as it's almost winter.  
In terms of the scent it smells absolutely delicious in the bottle but when applied to my body I found that it smelt differently. To resolve the matter (I am a problem-solver by trade), I just mixed some of my regular body lotion to the Bronzing Custard and we were back to scented normalcy. What I really like is that I don't look orange, the colour builds evenly, it looks natural and the custard is very hydrating. I like a product that can multi-task. Since the ingredients used are organic with a mix of anti-oxidants and hydrating oils, it is extremely unlikely that your body will react to it. 

I am looking forward to looking naturally tanned throughout winter without having to put much time or effort into it. 

Are you a self-tanner? Are you a gradual tanner? Neither? Do you have any tanning delight or fright stories for me?


This product was kindly provided for consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. Please see my disclosure policy here


  1. Have too agree, Bronzing Custard is a brilliant self tan lotion. One that i have used for many years. Won't use anything else now :-) Wendy


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