Snapshots of Last Year's Holiday Part 1

Looking fresh prior to departure. 
About a year ago we were either in Denmark or Switzerland, I can't remember. On the second Monday in May Mike and I packed our bags, had a four day stopover in Bangkok (loved it!) and then jumped on a Thai Air flight which went directly to Oslo. We took the train for one hour to stay with my grandma and then two days later we took the train back and got on a plane to my hometown Bodø. We stayed there for almost two weeks and had the best time. Mike improved his Norwegian, I chilled out with the family and we celebrated my sister's confirmation. After that we went to Oslo again (Mike's claim to fame is that he has been to Oslo airport seven times), and went in for the day to see my BFF Linn and also leave our suitcases at the hotel we would be staying at. We therefore only had hand luggage for our little Europe-spree but it worked fantastically. Except for when I was stranded in 30+ degree Berlin with having to wear Converse shoes. This also limited how much we could shop but I think our wallet benefitted from it. As I would love to be on a holiday right now I thought I'd share some pictures of our trip.
My suitcase broke the day before departure so luckily we could borrow one from our friends.
Bonus points for being easily recognisible too! 
Posing on Kho San Road where you will be asked to buy a suit every 5 seconds.
Buying coffee for the free wi-fi. Britney & Paris, please take note on the classy leg-posing.
My maternal instict kicked in.
Nightly foot-massages became a routine.
My grandma and I posing in front of the church where my dad and mum got married.
These church-ruins are from pre-1200 and they have built glass around it to conserve the church. The original church was ruined by the Swedes in the 1500s which is just unacceptable.
My grandma is a fantastic cook. She also has a blue room, just like the Queen. Her house is over 100 years old.
We walked to the top of the mountain in my very windy hometown. Mike's sensitive nose cracked because of the wind. It was pretty funny. He has fully recovered now.
Although the midnight sun doesn't surface until June it stays pretty high in May too. I adore this picture!
My brother and I weren't allowed to sit with the grown-ups at my sister's confirmation. All the cousins (we are the same age but don't feel grown up) sat together and we are still paying for the therapy. My aunt's hair took fire too but that's another story for another day.
Mike did buy a suit in Thailand. I also immensely enjoyed having lured an Australian guy to Bodø, it's just not a common occurence. He suddenly became this exotic person!
The Norwegian Opera house is so white you can get sunburnt off it. You can also walk on the roof. Cool!
The Norwegian Castle is small because it used to be the Swedish King's holiday house. 
Linn is a natural blonde. But please don't bring hate on her for that because she is amazing!
For those who say Norway is an expensive country, don't believe it. After all this pizza was a bargain at $60. Bargain!
As I don't have the will-power to cull pictures, I had to make this a two-part series. Stay tuned for number two.

Whilst we wait for the next edition, I would love to know when your last holiday was? Where did you go? Have you ever lured someone exotic to your home country?


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