SHE Pure Minerals Dusting Powder

I like my sparkle, and when it is mineral it's even better. Whilst my post on mineral foundation/bronzer/blush is in the pipeline (I have used them for 3 years so it's true love), I hoped you wouldn't mind checking out a new range has taken my fancy.

Om SHE Aromatherapy is a brand that has keyed onto the fact that being free from formulations is a bonus and that a lot of consumers are looking for more natural options when it comes to makeup and skincare. Whilst I still believe that a balanced and educated approach is key (a blanket ban is never a good thing), I also really like it when a company takes a stand and stay as natural as they can.

I have recently been trying the SHE Pure Minerals Dusting Powders which are powdery pigments. They can add some sparkle to your face or body and I have been using them as my eye shadow and the staying power is just fantastic. You can use them either wet or dry but I have only used them dry so far. The RRP is $14.95 and you get a lot of powder for your money. It will last a long time.
I have been trying a warm and cool colour, Golden Topaz and Smokey Quartz. Smokey Quartz is my favourite, I feel like it really brings out my eyes. Now that I am a brunette again, I am loving the silver.
The best tip I can offer would be to hold a cotton bud under your eye when you apply the dusting powder to make sure the sparkle stays in place. The swatches are simply luminous.
I am loving the Dusting Powders and I keep receiving compliments from colleagues regarding my sparkle.

Have you tried any dusting powders before? Have you heard of SHE before?

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