Pink and Sparkly Nails with Rimmel + Darling

There is something so fresh and nice about pink nails and finding the right shade can prove to be quite a  journey. I received the Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in the Priceline Free Beauty Bag and I was excited to receive it in the shade Strawberry Fizz.
What was more impressive was the fruity scent I could smell coming out of the bottle. It was even stronger once my nails dried. I do have to apologise to my dear colleague Alie because I made her smell my nails. I hope she will recover one day.
If you couldn't tell, my sweater motto is "go loud or go home". This one is from Jay Jays and truly connects me with my Nordic heritage.
After a couple of days I added my new Darling Paillette Top Coat in 24k to the mix and I loved the result. Loved! 24 k has large glitter pieces and they look absolutely divine.
I do know that many people stay away from glittery polish because it can be a handful to remove. When it came to removing the glitter tips I just soaked the cotton bud in nail polish remover and placed it over the nail for about a minute to soften it up. This did the trick and I am not worried about removing glitter anymore. Put on your favourite song (Princess of China)/movie (Zoolander)/show (Revenge) and you won't mind the repetitive task.

What do you think of glittery tips? Scented polish? The perfect pink?

What is your favourite song/movie/show?

Will Alie ever forgive me?

There are just too many questions and not enough answers.


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