My Nail Polish Collection + Storage Solution

I used to store my nail polish in a toiletry bag but I quickly ran out of space and as I am a very visual person, I need to see things in order to remember to use them. I therefore wanted to re-organise the way I store my polish and that's where my empty beauty boxes came in handy. This was done in a rush so I just placed the polishes in no particular order but I am planning on either colour-coordinating them or perhaps even just doing it by brand.
I am happy with the way my polishes are stored now and it also helps reminding me that I own pretty much any colour under the sun (minus orange) and I just can't buy more polishes. I do have my eye on the Glamour Nail Polish Tower which retails for $69 from the Makeup Box Shop but I am pretty sure I will need two towers so for now I am happy sticking with the DIY boxed storage. 

How do you store your nail polish? What's your favourite colour?


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