John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

A few weeks ago I was on John Frieda's facebook page and they were giving away a massive 5000 packs of their precision foam colours to anyone who registered their details. I jumped onto it pretty quick and was delighted to get my voucher in the mail last week.

It could be redeemed at Woolworths and it was a really quick process. It retails for $22.99. My local Woollies is pretty small so I wasn't expecting them to have many colours available but they did have 8 and I found the one I wanted. I am always afraid of going too red when I colour my hair so I decided to pick medium brown which didn't look any red at all. They do recommend that you choose a colour either 1-2 shades up or down from where your hair is currently at. The shade I picked is called 5N.

This before picture shows how my previous colour had faded significantly and I was ready to embrace dark brunette again.

I have never coloured my hair by myself before, it's either been done at the hair dressers or by friends. I found the instructions to be quite easy and detailed so I was able to prepare without too much mess. I also placed Vaseline around my hairline to avoid colour on my face. The clip is for holding my hair up during the development process.

Inside the box was the developing bottle, a pump, the colour, a conditioner and 2 plastic gloves. The products are all numbered in order so it's too easy!

I started by pouring the colour into the developing bottle. I then gently rolled it from left to right 5 times to get the foam building and blended.

I started by applying foam to my front section and then I covered the rest of my hair. I was scared to run out of product but ended up with some left over. They do say that if your hair is longer than shoulder length you should use the whole bottle but I didn't because my hair was saturated by foam. In the end I had this much left over.

I managed to avoid any spilling, staining or mucking up and it was a super easy DIY colour to use. It gave great coverage and I love the shade, it's perfect.

I do notice some spots I have missed but all in all I think this was a great home colour treatment and I will be using it again. I also saved lots of money compared to what my hairdresser would normally charge.

Have you tried the foam? Have you done DIY colour before?


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  1. I'm considering using this but I have only ever used henna, so I'm super nervous!! How does this look now after a month or so?

  2. Well it's funny, it has gradually gone out and I'm super happy with the colour. It's a nice and warm brown. I really like the foolproofness of it. Let me know how you go xx

  3. I took the plunge this morning and I am really happy with the colour! I used the colour 6GR. It's darker than I expected, but it has a lovely subtle red.

    1. Cool:) I'm about to try a new shade too, a little scared but looking forward to the result x


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