How to: The Donut

I have loved my donut for a long time. I bought it at Price Attack about a year ago and wearing it always puts me in a good mood. You simply have to smile when you are wearing a donut on your head. The donut is also an incredibly popular hairstyle used by flight attendants. True story; not a day goes by without me seeing a flight attendant with a donut. It's just a match made in high-flying heaven.

I never put my donut in my hair when it is clean. It just won't work because my hair is so soft and smooth and it is very fine. My best donut always happens when my hair is 2-3 days after clean. I always boost it up with some dry shampoo to get the oompf going. The current dry shampoo I am using is from nak and I really like it. The RRP is around $20 but I got it for free with an issue of Cosmopolitan Health & Beauty a while ago. From memory my donut cost $15 but it has paid for itself many times over.
After dry shampooing and roughing up your hair slightly, put it up in a high pony tail. The height of the pony tail depends on where you prefer your donut to sit. I like mine slightly above the crown but I have seen the donut being used as a side bun or more of a top bun, anything is possible. I have even seen two donuts being used in the same hair style. Respect.
Now you thread the donut onto your hair. I promise I don't live in my pyjamas, I just love wearing them. All the time. If only this was acceptable work-wear in five star hotels. 
Next up you need to twist your hair to cover the donut. I prefer spreading my pony tail over the donut and then twisting underneath. Bobby pins are particularly helpful in securing the handy work. It should look something like this. 
Or this. I was in a rush to run out of the house so my pictures were done really quickly. 
All donutted up and ready to go. I didn't actually use hairspray to set the look because my unclean hair did a good enough job of it already. 
Some of the reasons I like the donut so much is due to how easy it is to do, how glamorous it looks and it boosts my fine hair. On days when I want to cut my hair short, I remember that I can't do the donut with lobbed off hair and it does the trick, no scissors for me. Yet.

Do you donut? Do you like the donut look?


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