DIY - Headband Stand

When I saw this article to make your own headband holder at the Beauty Department, I knew I simply had to do it straight away. The instructions were really easy and I set out to buy the supplies I needed. The whole process took less than half an hour including drying time for the spray paint.
You need scissors and a glue gun. I bought the glue gun for $10 from Lincraft. 
You also need a roll of paper towel and fabric. It was suggested to use fabric matching your bedroom or bathroom but I couldn't resist the polka-dots, they were too cute. One metre of fabric cost $10 at Lincraft and it is enough for 4 headband stands.
Lucky last, spray paint and a ruler. Again it was suggested to use a matching colour but I am loving mint at the moment and couldn't resist. The ruler cost $1.45 and the spray paint $8.95. 
I began with spray-painting the ruler on top of the Sunday papers to avoid mess. I wore gloves to remove any chance of minty paint-hands.
Whilst the paint was drying, I put on the glue gun and cut the piece of fabric I needed to cover the paper towel roll. I glued the fabric on the paper towel roll, covered it in fabric after wards and then I folded the edge and glued it up again. I then twisted the edges of fabric into the holes on the paper towel roll.  
After painting the other side of the ruler and the paint had dried, I glued it on the base of the headband stand in order to stabilise it so that it won't roll around. 
Now came the fun part - dressing the headband stand. 
Would you want to try this? Are you a DIYer?


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