DIY - Armband Holder

After I made my DIY Headband Holder, one of my fellow bloggers Joanne from Jimmilou.com left a comment suggesting making an Armband Holder using the same technique. This was a fantastic idea and I made it on Monday and it was so quick and easy. This DIY took less than five minutes and all I used was fabric, scissors and the paper towel roll.
First I tore off enough sheets to make sure my bracelets would fit perfectly around the holder. I then cut enough fabric off to cover the roll, having about 5 cm on each side spare.
I then rolled the fabric around the paper towel roll, tucking it in on the sides. No glue required which was handy since I didn't have any left in my apartment and I simply had to make it right then and there. The result was great and I dressed it up straight away.
This was the quickest DIY I've ever done and it was such an easy way to organise my bracelets. 

Do you DIY? Will you be making the Armband Holder?


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