Before and After. A Table Tonic Transformation Story.

Yesterday I got the best kind of mail from Louise at Table Tonic. I have been wanting some Tonic in my house for a long time but I finally got around to ordering. There was also a 25% sale on so I technically got one cushion for free. Louise was very helpful and answered my questions quickly. There are so many gorgeous ikat cushions to choose from so I was very grateful for the assistance.
Here is what met me in one of the boxes. I was very excited!
The yellow ikat has arrived!
Here is a before shot, it was all very beige and brown. Too dull!
I added some colour to the place and I absolutely love the small but significant transformation.
I wanted to match the view we get to enjoy daily outside with our living room. 
I also kept the old cushions as floor cushions because a lot of people (me included) like to sit on the floor. Now we have even more room for guests.
I am really loving the change and I feel that it is much nicer to be surrounded by bright colours. If you want a daily dash of Table Tonic in your life, check out the Table Tonic blog which is on my daily must-read list.

Do you like interior design? What is your favourite colour? Can you please pay me to work in my home office? 

For more yellow inspiration, click here to see Shop Me Chic's Colour Me Yellow post.


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  1. Love that you're bringing the outside inside! And dear gods, those yellow ikat cushions are fabulous! x


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