Beauty Confessions + an Organix Macadamia Oil Review

I am sure we all have some secrets and I feel like it is about time I share some of my beauty confessions. Some I take pride in, others are a little embarassing but isn't that part of the fun?
Bobby Pins: Lately I have started sleeping with bobby pins in my hair. This is a win-win situation in my eyes because my fringe is not in the way and in the morning when I am getting ready, I don't have to scramble to find a bobby pin. On a sidenote, I often find pins on the floor. Not sure why, they just gravitate there like magnets. Maybe this could be an A Current Affair story? I am sure we would all like to know!

Hair Brushing: I don't always brush my hair. Let's not dwell on this.

The Lemon Lightening Trick: I once tried applying squeezed lemon to my hair in order to naturally lighten it in the sun. It did not work for several reasons; I was brunette, I was in Northern Norway where the sun doesn't shine so bright and it was tough to wash out. Lesson learnt.

I'm Not a Good for a Sleep-In: I have always been an early riser (lucky mum and dad), and even now I struggle to sleep in for longer than 7 or 8 am. Years of working shift work hasn't helped either. Even if I go to bed at midnight my body still just wants that early start. I don't deprive it, I just take extra power naps.

I Spill Makeup: My wonderful mineral foundation from Kit has a flaw. First of all it looks a little yellow because it has to even out my naturally rouge skintone, and further to this the lid has a chip. This makes it a little hard to apply without spilling powder on the floor but lo and behold, if Mike's gym-bag is at the floor it gets even worse. At least I have apologised on behalf of Kit but I won't change.

Those 8 Glasses of Water: I don't always make the cut. At work I often am too busy and too much on the run to realise that I need vann (don't say I never teach you anything, vann is water in Norwegian). I am often away from my desk and will get a sip of my bottle when I can. I guess it doesn't help that work has a cordial machine too which spews out varying green or red liquid depending on your preference. But back on topic, I need to improve. The liquid chlorophyll is certainly helping things and I recently bought an awesome notepad from Kikki K (also known as heaven for stationary lovers), where you can tick off how much water you have had. So organised.
The epiphany: A couple of months ago I realised I didn't want to colour my hair until I get grays peeking through. This epiphany lasted all of 5 days until I discovered John Frieda's Precision Foam. Now I am colouring my hair again. For anyone wondering what my natural colour is, please see below where I am colour-coordinatingly posing in Finland. 
Dry Shampoo: Addicted, more like it. Being in an industry where presentation is very important, nothing beats being able to sleep for an additional 20 minutes because you can dry shampoo your hair. Again. I know my colleagues will agree. 

Tomatoes: I don't like tomato seeds. So there.

The Overdue Haircut: I haven't had a hair cut since early February. I know it's overdue, I am just hoping I can wait ever so long until it gets a little longer and I am a little richer. In the meantime I have been spoiling my hair with the Organix hydrating Macadamia Oil. It does a great job of dry styling my hair, but I love it more for applying some into my wet hair after a shower and letting it dry naturally. No frizz, more moisture and happier hair.
I should become a scent connoisseur because I wish I had the words to describe how amazing the Macadamia Oil smells. It's not overly sweet but smells like a slice of vanilla/macadamia heaven. 
My hair can look quite lionish in the morning and this oil knows how to tame the beast. I also really like the size of the bottle because it is compact and very handy. At 100 mls it is travel and handbag friendly. 
I only need to use a five cent piece of oil in my hair but I often use a little extra because the scent is just so nice! My hair also feels softer and more managable. 
As it retails for $24.99, it is a much more affordable product compared to Moroccan Oil and it will last just as long. 

What are your beauty confessions? Where are your bobby pins? What is your favourite hair oil?

Update: Please check out Bottled Beauty's beauty confessions here! She has compiled a fabulous list I think we all can recognise.

Update 2: The Made Up Maiden has done her confessional too, see the link here.


The Organix Macadamia Oil was kindly provided for consideration. This has not affected my view in any way. To see my disclosure policy, please click here.  


  1. 1. I never got my eyebrows professionally waxed until a couple of weeks ago - always just did it at the hairdresser. Ooops.

    2. Applying eyeliner intimidates me, so I don't.

    3. My brother has bought me a lot of what turned out to be my favourite makeup. Hello MAC and YSL!

    1. Hi Jess, your brother sounds amazing! My brother just sends me money. xx

  2. I love this!

    1. I washed my face the other day with baby wipes because I couldn't be bothered with anything else.

    2. I do my own eyebrows because I keep getting them stuffed up and refuse to pay $100 plus for someone else to do them.

    3. I don't dye my hair because I'd rather spend the money on shoes!

    Ingrid, go the supermarket and find a plastic container - Klippit ones are good - to fit your mineral makeup in. Then if it spills, it spills into the container for reuse and you can take it with you in the bag without spillage. They come in all shapes and sizes and cost a few bucks. x

    1. Baby wipes are so handy, I always have a stash ready for emergency clean ups. Your brows are lovely so you are clearly doing a good job! Thank you for the Klippit tip, great advice X

  3. Love this, gosh I have lots, some similar to you!

    1. I am really bad at keeping a skincare routine!

    2. I have never had my eyebrows done by anyone other than myself!

    3. A couple of times a week I let my hair dry naturally (wavy) and do not brush or put anything in it!

    4. I always drop/spill makeup!

    1. We are twins:) Your brows are fab so you are clearly doing a great job X

  4. I love this post!

    I did my own for you to see


    1. Loved the post! I have linked to it X

  5. I loved this! I hope you don't mind but I pinched it too! I think we have a few in common!

    Did my own at http://madeupmaiden.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/beauty-confessions.html!

    1. No I LOVE that you did it. I will update with a link asap X

  6. This is a fab idea. I think I have a few similar to you Ingrid (makeup spillage, dry shampoo addiction, 8 glasses of water)
    In addition to these, I also use the odd baby wipe to get the day's makeup off, my toenails throughout the winter months are appalling (which is foiled when I do a Body Balance class like today, and have to wear bare feet!) and I always forget to apply hand cream even though I really really need to!!

    1. Yes we all need to confess from time to time:) There is no judgement in this village.

      Baby wipes are genius, I use them to clean my phone and everything X

  7. I too am an early riser! Most of the time I am awake from 4am!!

    1. Haha, I know you do:) I like our morning tweets X


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