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If you are anything like me you are a bit of a doubter. You sometimes think about how you could have said or done things better afterwards it's happened. It can be exhausting to have this on your mind and there comes a time when you just have to say that enough is enough. Nobody's perfect and you can't demand that you should be either. Personally I always have higher criteria and expectations of myself than of others. Why am I being so hard on myself when I don't have to be?

A couple of weeks ago I was overly generous to a complaining guest and I spent the rest of the weekend worrying about what my bosses would say when they read about what I had done. Guess what? No one said anything about it, neither good or bad and I had made this a big deal when it wasn't. It's important to learn when to walk away and when to say stop in your mind. Nothing is as bad as you think it is and you need to honour yourself by being kind to everyone including (and especially) you.

Earlier in the week I went to my special folder which contains references, my uni degree, newspaper clippings and more to find my RSA certificate. I found it but I also found something that completely floored me - a Christmas card from my grandpa in 2010. I am so glad I kept it because it means so much to me. Sometimes in our cards he would write poems and he had written one in this that I really needed to hear. I have loosely translated it from Norwegian, I hope it hasn't lost its meaning. 

"When you sometimes think that you are doubting. 
Find a mirror and ask who you are. 
When you are trying to understand why you are living 
the answer is surprisingly close. 
You knew it when you were little, 
but forgot it when you grew up. 
You are an important person for many on our globe."

What inspires you to see the bigger picture? Are you sometimes a doubter like me?



  1. Seems like his words found you when you really needed them :)

    I work with the public and struggle trying to please everyone all the time, lest myself. Hindsight can be draining so just remember that what you said/did was the best thing at that time. I have to constantly remind myself of this and after struggling yesterday, it was really nice to read this post today :)

  2. Thanks for this, comes at a good time for me! I'm am always too hard on myself, I'm never happy with anything I achieve, always aiming for more. I guess I need to chill out a bit!

  3. Yes yes yes I am exactly the same. A big worrier! I try to remind myself that most people are so wrapped up in their own world that they dont give my mistakes a second thought! I try to meditate and breate as much as I can and do the right thing. What a special man your Grandfather is!! xoxo

  4. Yes, I think we're all the same.

    I love that poem you shared, it was amazing...sometimes I think people who have moved on act as guardian angels when we most need them!

  5. that's beautiful Ingy!. It's always nice when you find something expectantly just when you need it most.

    I used to worry alot but then I realised that I'm doing the best I can at the time with what I have and if others don't like it, well then it's their issue and not mine.
    I think it's important to realise that you can't please everyone around you and knowing and accepting that can make such an impact on bringing your level of worry down.

  6. What a beautiful post. I am a total worrier...especially about what others may think of me. Thank you for sharing your grandpa's lovely words. xx

  7. Thank you all lovely ladies. It was great to hear that I am not the only worrier out there and that you are appreciating my beautiful grandpa's words. The comments on this post mean so much to me X


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