The Weekend Review: Silent Disco

Last weekend was very different from my weekend in Melbourne. The main difference was that I was working. I am a Duty Manager in a five star hotel and I either work from 7am-3.30pm or 3-11.30pm. I was on morning shifts on the weekend and coffee was definitely a necessity. It's usually the only thing I have time for in the morning because of the check out rush.
For lunch I had a beautiful fruit salad and it was so good. It made me wonder why I don't have it more often because it is so delicious. Luckily it didn't have any pineapple in it, I am just not a fan. 
After work Mike and I went to his brother's birthday barbeque. On our way to the barbeque we stopped at a bottle shop where we got some cider and beer. The guy in the bottle shop was really nice and gave me a Midori cocktail shaker as a present. It is sparkly green and has a button you can push to get flashing lights. It is awesome, I can't wait to use it for something more than a protein shake. Mike's brother had bought a rotisserie barbeque and the brothers had great fun preparing the meat and watching it spin around. I was wearing a skirt with stockings and in hindsight I should have worn pants because the mozzies got me. Really bad. I have at least 10 large bites on my legs and although it doesn't itch, it still doesn't look good. 
Sweater from Ally, necklace from Diva,
Supre Skirt, Shabby Sisters bracelet.
I love the stockings from Leona Edminston, they are great quality and often on sale at Myer. That's when I stock up. If you need opaques for winter, they are the best.
Mike's brother is amazing, he built us a bar for our apartment and this time he didn't disappoint, he had made a silent disco. It's basically a shed with lots of headphones hanging from the ceiling where people can hang out, dance and not get complaints from neighbours. Brilliant. 

Sunday morning brought daylight savings and we all turned the clocks one hour back. This meant that I would finally have daylight in the mornings when walking to the busstop and I captured this gorgeous picture of the sun lurking to come up. 
Coogee Beach was looking pristine at 6.20am and I knew it wouldn't be the case later in the day. It's not a big beach but it's usually packed.
Work was very busy on Sunday morning but I did have time to capture a picture of the incredible dome that adorns our building. 
Even though it was a beautiful day, it started raining in the afternoon so after work I hopped into my pyjamas from Peter Alexander and relaxed with some tv and a good book. I love Channel 10 on Sundays because of Modern Family and New Girl.
All in all it was a perfect weekend and I needed a quiet Sunday night in. I even replaced my usual wine with Sprite and felt very good on Monday morning for it.

How was your weekend?


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