The Weekend Review: Hunter Valley

On Friday we went to Hunter Valley. This is an amazing place filled with wineries, lovely restaurants and beautiful scenery. It is located three hours away from Sydney and it is just lovely there. We went with Yas and her boyfriend and we had the best time. The trip up felt much longer than it was but with the help of good car company and a few stops we made it to our destination.
If you couldn't tell, Yas is tall and I am short.
We stayed at a resort in a 2 bedroom villa with a huge kitchen, balcony and lovely living room with a fire place. They had courtesy transfers to and from reception to our villa and it was so much fun chatting with the staff who drove us. You can learn a lot about someone in only a few minutes, that's for sure.

On Friday night we went to a fancy French place called Bistro Molines. We were surprised to find the restaurant pretty much empty, there were only two other tables occupied when we arrived. The service was great and we sat outside on the closed in balcony and they had blankets for Yas and I because we get cold pretty quickly. I ordered the Filet Mignon and the waffle with a poached pear, butterscotch sauce (I'm addicted) and ice cream. There was also wine. Lots of wine. It was a fantastic night and I haven't had such a good meal for a long time. 
On Saturday morning we quickly got ready and had breakfast at the resort where I got a very boring lecture about the "buffet rules of life" from Mike and D. We were picked up by our driver Brian for our wine tour around 10 and off we went. I love wine tours and have been to Swan Valley, Margaret River (both WA), Barossa Valley (SA), Gibbston Valley (NZ) and I have been to Hunter Valley a few times before. Our first winery of the day was First Creek and it was lovely.
I'm wearing Paradise by Darling - the perfect compliment to red wine. I am (un)lucky enough to like all wines, I used to not like reds but now I love them. I am a huge fan of sweet wines, but rose is definitely my favourite. It just goes so well with everything. The next winery we went to was Lambloch and I loved their comfy sofa. I also love Yas's black Hermes bracelet. 
Lambloch was a gorgeous photo-spot and although it looked cloudy outside, we were lucky with the weather. 
The rest of the day went like a dream - other wineries we went to included Blueberry Hill, Iron Gate and McGuigans. We also had lunch at the Bluetongue brewery. Mike and I hadn't planned to buy much wine but we ended up with almost 40 bottles at the end of the weekend. At least we won't have to go wine shopping anytime soon. Only half of this haul was ours. The boys also bought a case of beer because it was cheaper than 2 six-packs. As you do.
In the evening we had planned to go to a local pub for dinner, but the taxi booked by reception never showed up. By the time we followed it up we had waited too long and the pub kitchen would close before we got there. We ended up having our dinner at the resort restaurant which was just okay. My dessert was delicious but they forgot about it so it came out after the others were finished. I had tikka massala for dinner and sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce for dessert.
The main redeeming feature was that we were sitting outside, the temperature was nice and cool and suddenly fireworks went off. It was absolutely gorgeous and such a surprise.
On Sunday morning we went to Brokenwood Estate where we got great service and as much as we didn't need to, we bought more wine.
We also stopped by Audrey Wilkinson's winery which was perched on top of a hill and we got a great picture before the rain began.
On the way home we got stuck in some pretty bad traffic but it still felt shorter than the way up. It's always the way isn't it? After a nice power nap, reading the papers and putting on my pyjamas, Mike made a delicious ravioli dinner. It was nice to get some veggies in after an indulgent weekend. 
When I am home on a Sunday I always try to catch Modern Family and New Girl and we also watched the Block room reveals. It's so easy to get involved and we sit there yelling at the tv and about what we think they should do. My favourite scene in the Block was when Lara was ironing her curtains with her ghd. I am a fan!

How was your weekend? Have you been to the Hunter Valley before? What's your favourite wine?


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