The Weekend Review: Easter

Like I mentioned in my Happy Easter post, I worked all through Easter. It ended up being fine with no unmanageable dramas and my colleagues were funny as usual. There was also a surplus of chocolate and we're still going.

We also woke up to glorious weather on Saturday, it was nice to have some warmth and sunshine in our lives before winter sets in.

One of my favourite things to do when I work mornings is to take a minute to watch the sunrise before I resume daily life again. It's so ordinary, yet so precious. Another thing I need to work on is to get up early enough for breakfast. I have a long-standing love for Up&Go and it keeps me going, yet it can hardly be considered breakfast.

I had to get a coffee to cure my tiredness and since almost everything in the cbd was closed I got one from Pieface and it was good. Great even.

I have been having these lovely hotcross buns every day for morning tea. I rang Mike in a panic on Thursday saying we forgot about hotcross buns so he picked some up for me. I prefer the chocolate chip flavour and when it's heated in the microwave for 10 seconds it's just right.

The chocolate does end up all over your face though so I recommend checking the mirror prior to facing the public again.

After work Mike and I went to Moo Burger which is a great burger place. They have over 20 variations on their list + moo-shakes and cocktails. We shared a lamb-burger, chips and onion-rings. I'm not sure why I keep drinking soft drink because it almost always gives me the hiccups. Surely I have learnt my lesson by now?

In the evening I stayed home reading the Ice Princess which is a fantastic crime novel. It definitely hit the spot.

On Sunday we woke to another beautiful sunrise.

I had already reached what I thought was my chocolate maximum but we keep receiving chocolate gifts and as sweet as it is, I can't look at them right now. Mike had also arranged for the Easter bunny to come and see me, which was a great surprise.

In the evening we rented 127 hours and the Double and saw them both. I couldn't stomach most of 127 hours, especially not "that" scene but Mike enjoyed it. The Double was a good action movie but nothing special. The outfit of the night was Peter Alexander's Penny pyjamas.

The nail colours I wore on the weekend were both from OPI, Siberian nights and A roll in the Hague.

On Monday night we played cards and only had some snacks for dinner. I had well and truly had too much sweet stuff. We played a game called Høff which my grandma has taught me and Mike has now learnt it. I love the game but it can be a little complicated for a beginner. I still play it with my grandma when we meet.

Some of the snacks were a toasted olive bread from Coles, lemon pressed olive oil from
Toscana and jalapeño sauce from the Byron Bay Chili Co.

It was delicious and a perfect way to end a food-heavy weekend. I also finished the Ice Princess and have already started on the Preacher, the second book in the series.

How was your weekend?


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