Remington Hot Wand

After my successful curling attempt using the Remington Perfect Curl I was very excited to try the real deal - the Remington Hot Wand which I bought from Priceline last week. I see it as using a bike without the support wheels. I am not a coordinated person at the best of times so I wasn't sure how it would go but in the end I was happy with the result. The temperature can be set in between 140 and 200 degrees. I settled on 180 because it would be worm but not torchy.
When my hair is already dry I use a Dove heat protecting spray. It is cheap and effective. It smells nice too. 
It's lucky that the Hot Wand comes with a glove to protect your hand from burns. It really helps and it works. Having just one glove reminds me of Michael Jackson. I should bedazzle it or something. 
I simply must insert a true story here; In 09 when my girlfriend and I graduated we bought tickets for MJ's concert in London and it was perfect timing because we would stop over for a couple of days before going to Norway. Sadly, as we all know he passed away and we got our tickets refunded, but we still had a great time in London. We did find him at Madame Tussauds, he was by far the most popular statue in the museum.
Okay, back to hair now. I am easily distracted as you can probably tell. I plugged in the Hot Wand and it heated up within one minute. I didn't want it to be too overdone and as I was just practicing it ended up being quite uneven and casual but it looked good. Thanks to my glove I didn't burn myself which was also handy. 

Before the curling my hair was 2 days after shampoo & conditioning and pretty straight. It is always important to wait a day or two before attempting curls because it will grip better in your hair. My hair is very soft but even more so on the day of hair washing so I can't do curls on the same day. 
From the behind it looks a little flat, I got a little tired and didn't do such a good job there. I also couldn't see what I was doing so didn't want to take any chances on my first go. 
And so for the big reveal - from the front. It looks a little heavy on the left but it may just be the camera angle. It could also be that it was easier to do that side of my head since I am right-handed. 
The Remington Hot Wand has excited me and I am a fan. It cost less than $30 and has by far exceeded my expectations after just one use. These curls survived a powernap and an overnight sleep. I am most impressed and the curls will be back sooner rather than later.

Have you tried curling wands? Which is your favourite way to have your hair? I'm thinking up, down, curly, straight or a top bun? For me it's a luxury to have it down since it has to be up at work. 


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  1. Hi what is the barrel size of the curling wand you used?


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