Press & Go Nails

I was very excited to find a set of Press & Go nails in my Priceline Free Beauty Bag. I hadn't heard of the brand before but I was very intrigued. There are 13 designs available and I received Space Cadet. It is a fierce metallic leopard printed nail design. What is so excellent with the Press & Go set is that you get 24 pieces instead of the regular 16 I have been receiving from Sally Hansen.
Another aspect that is different is that you don't receive stickers but it is actually nail shapes. This makes application such a breeze, it took me less than five minutes. The sizing was really good too.
First you clean your nails with a wipe that comes with the pack. I wish they would have included two wipes since you have enough for two applications. You then fit the nail by measuring the tip-facing side towards your nailbed. Remove the sticker, apply and hold until it has set. This goes really quickly and there isn't much room for error. Luckily, before you know it your nails will be done.
I love the design, it is so out there and perfect for my four day weekend away from the grooming policy at work. 
I wore the nail for four days straight and they didn't come unstuck at all. The only thing I could notice was that the colour did reduce a little at the tips. 
I also wasn't used to have such long nails but it was great for a head massage in the shower. It did feel a little strange to have "clip-on-nails" but I enjoyed it.
Because the nails had stuck on so well I was worried about removing them. I dunked a cotton bud in Cutex nail polish remover and placed it over the nail I was removing to make the process easier. I found that it was harder to remove the bigger nails but all in all it worked perfectly. The feeling of tearing off the top nail felt unpleasant but as promised, no damage was caused to my nails.
All in all I really enjoyed the Press & Go nails and would not hesitate to use them again. They have some really cool designs and it is perfect for a holiday when you want nice nails without the upkeep.

Have you tried the Press & Go nails? Do you want to?


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