An Ode to Gus

Today I would like to share my doggie-friend with you. I have known Gus for just about a year and he is a really great dog. He is very high on energy and has been known to be called a terror because of all the mischief he comes up with but he makes me laugh and that's what's important. When he was little he could fit in a bucket which I struggle to imagine today. Gus is a Hungarian Viszla and attracts compliments wherever he goes because he is so pretty. He belongs to Mike's bosses and I sometimes come along to events just to look after him. It's great fun, especially when he behaves.

Gus and I in Byron Bay

Gus posing for a picture

Cruising for chicks in Bondi

Body guarding in Bondi

We have so much fun together but he does love to do his own thing. Sometimes I can't get him away from his mother because he loves her so and is very protective. When I do manage to lure him away we have a great time together. His favourite treat is vanilla ice cream but he also tries to eat our food like a good dog should. I love his no-holds-barreled energy and we are a great team.

Gus knows floral is trendy

I am definitely a dog person but I don't mind cats. I'm just not used to being around them. Until I was four we had a gorgeous dog called Rikke, but she passed away from diabetes. She was really fun but I think my parents had their hands full with 2 kids so she wasn't replaced.

My grandma bought a gorgeous staffie 7 years ago and she is beautiful and funny, but very spoilt. Her name is Bertha and I have made her a Pinterest board which you can check out here. I don't think many Staffordshire Bullterriers are called Bertha but it suits her.

I can't wait to settle down in a house with a yard and have a dog on my own. They are great company, keep you fit and are a man's best friend.

Do you have a pet?


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