NVEY ECO Palette

I have always loved eye shadow palettes and in my quest for more natural beauty, I was very excited to learn about the NVEY ECO palette which is a completely clean product. There are no parabens, SLS, petroleum, talc, propylene glycol or any other nasty ingredients. To cater for even the most sensitive skin it is formulated with chamomille, jojoba oil and antioxidants. There are 19 shades in the range so it suits any skintone.
Palette 6 is perfect for brunettes, with its dark green, purple, grey and black combined with peach. I have fallen in love with the rich pigment and it is fun to create a new look every day. 
The eye shadows feel so good on your skin and they are so easy to apply with the brushes that accompany the palette. I like to use the black shadow as a liner and it pairs very nicely with the other shades.
The eye shadows are moisturising and do not dry out your eye-area. This is makeup so gentle that you can sleep in it or even wear it to the gym if you forgot your makeup wipes at home.
Here I am wearing the purple eye shadow. It is my favourite and it has taken a while to find a purple eye shadow that doesn't make me look like I have a black eye but this is the winner. 

With Mothers Day coming up I think this would be a great present for your mum. In Norway Mothers Day is in February and since my mum doesn't wear makeup, I know that this would be a great present for Mike's mum. She loves natural products and she is like my Australian mother and she definitely deserves to be spoilt. She is blonde with blue eyes and I think that palette 2 would be perfect for her. 
If you or your mum is a redhead, I think palette 3 would be a great match. The gorgeous bronze and green tones would light up and complement your gorgeous hair colour. 
I am also a big fan of the palette design. The colours are stunning, the brushes are great and the mirror is large so this is an excellent palette to have in your handbag when you are on the go. The RRP for the NVEY ECO palette is $75.95 and shipping is free if you spend more than $50. You can also check out a how-to-apply video here.

Have you tried organic makeup before? Are you ready for Mothers Day? Which NVEY ECO palette is your favourite?


This product was provided for consideration. This has not affected my opinion of the product. If you wish to check out my disclosure policy, click here.

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