New Purchase: The Melbourne Edition

I knew I was in for a treat in Melbourne when it came to shopping and I have already posted on the paradise called Mecca Maxima. I found a lot of good stuff and am really happy with what I bought. The shopping started already Friday morning at the airport because I had a Witchery birthday voucher that was about to expire so I bought a gorgeous blue ring. It cost $29.95 and after the voucher I paid $9.95. When we got to St Kilda and the Ironman expo I bought Mike a man-sized mug, a fleece since it was so cold, post it notes and a postcard.

On Saturday I wanted to tackle the mall and I went to Melbourne Central. I bought a couple of randomly cute sweaters from Jay Jays, it's a nod to my Norwegian heritage. There are usually reindeer and foxes 10 minutes away from my home town so I am used to seeing them around. The elgs on the other hand love urban areas and have been known to follow kids home from school. 

After Jay Jays I went to Forever New and I realise there is Forever New in Sydney but this one was so big and shiny and two floors. Even Mike thought this was a really nice store. I bought leather gloves ($40), a phone cover ($20) and jewellery that was on sale and then there was 40% on top of that. Afterwards I got on the train and went to Chapel Street which is in South Yarra. My destination was Topshop but there were also a lot of other nice shops around. It reminded me of Oxford Street in Sydney, except it was nicer. I thought Topshop was just okay, nothing like the one in Picadilly Circus in London so I guess I had high expectations. I did buy a gorgeous blue hoodie ($50) and I got a free diary from Millimeter Milligram. I wanted to use it straight away so I bought some nice pens from Kikki K ($8, on sale as well).

On Monday we went to the DFO at South Wharf and I found a beautiful dress from Tigerlily. It had been $169 and I got it for $69. It fits like a glove and is just divine. I also got a skirt from Forever New for $17 which was down from $49. The Ikat scarf from Country Road is another winner - $29 down from $99. Luckily we didn't have any problems getting the luggage home and we didn't have to pay excess baggage. I only had one carry on and a handbag so it was a tight fit but we did it. 

I am really happy with my purchases but I am most excited about the Tigerlily dress. It is a true bargain and it's actually still for sale at full price on the website.

As soon as we got back to Sydney last Tuesday we were rewarded with a gorgeous day and I had to try my new skirt. The photo got a little funky thanks to the new photo cover so I'm not so keen on the cover anymore. It's a shame though since it's so practical and pretty. 
All in all I had a fantastic weekend in Melbourne and I am just looking for excuses to use all my new treasures. I wish every day could be a tea party!

What have you bought lately? 



  1. Shame about your phone cover. Mine doesn't have that problem.

    Love South Wharf DFO!

  2. Thank you Kim-Marie, I was so excited about it. I will have to take it back to the store and see what they say.

    I would move to Melbourne for the DFO and salted-caramel gelato. XX

  3. Great buys, we have set a date for Melbourne at last going for 5 nights in June, cannot wait! I better get saving now for the shopping!

  4. Wow! What a shopping spree! We went to DFO Southwarf recently and I wasn't impressed! I'm so happy that you enjoyed your weekend (even though it was FREEZING that weekend! LOVE the Tigerlily dress - photos when you wear it please??

  5. Thank you Joanne, you will love Melbourne. I definitely recommend saving a little money before hand X

    Hi Alison, It certainly was quite a bit of shopping but I am happy with it all. I was disappointed with the DFO in relation to service, I had gotten amazing service everywhere else but at the DFO it was lacking. I will put up photos soon, you don't have to ask twice X


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