My Favourite Brushes and Combs

I have many hair products and they wouldn't be able to make my hair shine without my favourite brushes and combs. I use the round brush for blow drying, the cushion brush for a quick hair style and when my hair needs a good de-tangling nothing is better than the paddle brush.
In terms of combs, I use the wide-toothed comb for combing through hair treatments, the barber comb is great for brushing out fly-aways and my fringe and the tail comb is used to make a straight hair part.
These brushes and combs are all on high rotation and I keep them stored together. I never have to look for a brush anymore because I know where it is. I used to not be so organised and we have all been there looking for hair ties and bobby pins but with the right storage solution life gets so much easier. I will introduce you to my hair drawer(s) soon!

What is your favourite hair tool? Do you have a clever storage solution?


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