Mecca Parisian Chic French Manicure Set

I think a classic French manicure is gorgeous and I bought this Parisian Chic French Manicure Set from Mecca Cosmetica with that in mind. It cost $25.
There are three bottles in the kit - a blank base and top coat, a pink polish and a white polish. 
The pink polish would do well by itself, it is a beautiful nude colour.
Initially I wasn't sure how to do the white stripe and I got some advice in the store. The shop assistant said I should sticky tape underneath where I wanted to paint to make sure the result was even. Let's just say that this was not a good idea. It totally ruined the manicure and I therefore made a second attempt, this time just trusting my hands.
I did quite well on my right hand which was a surprise because I am always better polishing with my right hand. 
My left hand was a complete disaster! Quite embarrassing but we all need to learn from our errors. So clumpy, uneven and it looks like I had given up. I don't know what went wrong but I was distracted by watching Revenge.
I guess we'll just have to stay tuned for round 3 of the French manicure set, hopefully I'll be more successful.

What's your secret French manicure tip? Do you like the look?


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