Mecca Maxima

When Mecca Maxima launched in Melbourne, I was pretty jealous because it was another store Sydney missed out on. I have been to Mecca many times in Sydney and I always get amazing service but I knew Mecca Maxima would take it to another level. I knew I had to go there last weekend when I was in Melbourne and I by chance I didn't even have to google it since it was at Melbourne Central, the mall I went shopping at. I was so happy when I saw the store and I had to go in straight away.
The store is heaven for beauty lovers. There are little baskets with signs on them that you can turn depending on if you are browsing or if you want help. There is so much choice of beauty and the range of brands include YSL, Kit Cosmetics, Stila, NARS, Nude and more. I also got amazing service from the great people who worked there. They were very friendly and knowledgable. 
I love these cute nail stickers from Kit Cosmetics. They cost $9.95, look gorgeous and unlike Sally Hansen you get 20 stickers, not just 16. This will give you two applications which is even better value for money. 
The Rock & Romance Nail Polish kit from Kit has my name all over it but I just can't justify it at the moment. There are 4 beautiful colours in mini bottles and the range of colours is divine. It costs $29.95.
The shopping bags are beautiful. My regular readers know purple and pink are my favourite colours so this is exactly according to my taste. 
I ended up buying a face massage mini mitt from Soap & Glory and it is so fun to use. It is like a cheap version of a Clarasonic and it makes cleansing at night an invigorating experience. I also got a sample of the Steamcream which is beautiful. It is very nurturing and I am keen on buying it because it is so gentle and my skin loves it. 
The mini mitt is small, pink and perfekt. You can drop a dollop of cleanser on it first and then cleanse or if you feel really crazy - apply cleanser first and then use the mitt. 

Have you been to Mecca Maxima? Have you had an amazing store experience before?



  1. How does it vary from Mecca Cosmetica? Do you know?

    1. Hi Sophie, I would say Mecca Maxima has lots more products and brands that regular Mecca Cosmetica has. The store was also two levels so I was impressed with the selection:)

  2. Like a posh Priceline but with actual service! I want one! X

    1. Yes - that's a great way of summing it up=) X

  3. I haven't been there, but do love Mecca. The only thing that sucks is how expensive it is! If you're going to buy big, it sometimes is cheaper to just buy from a US site.

    1. Mecca is the best and the staff are so friendly. I too wish it was cheaper but sometimes a girl needs a little luxury;)


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