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I have always liked Lauren Conrad, and have enjoyed seeing her on Laguna Beach and the Hills. You can say what you want about the shows but there is no doubt LC has style with smarts to match. When I saw that she had done a photo-shoot with Glamour Magazine I had to download it to my iPad straight away.
The issue is swimsuit oriented and she shared a story in the interview that she felt uncomfortable in swimwear because a magazine had written about her having cellulite years ago. I don't think she has anything to worry about, but it can't be easy to be in the spotlight all the time.
LC also said that on a recent holiday in Mexico, people thought her mum was her daughter because Lauren was covered up whereas her (equally) gorgeous mum was wearing a bikini.
I think Lauren looks very happy and confident in her skin. She is also enjoying being single for the first time in years.
If you want more beauty tips from Lauren, check out her website The Beauty Department.
And now for some sun tips - this is how LC protects herself against the sun.

Are you a fan of Lauren Conrad? 

Shop Me Chic has featured a fantastic article on her style, which I love. Happy reading!


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