Hot Lips: Purple YSL Fail

Sometimes you buy something because you like the brand and it looks good in store. This was my experience last week when I bought a beautiful purple YSL lipstick. Because I applied it on my hand and then dabbed it on my lips it looked really good. I therefore got a little shock when I came home and applied it like normal because it wasn't just purple, I felt like I got washed out. I may also have scared Mike from ever liking bright lips again.

I bought the Rougle Volupte in shade 12 - Forbidden Burgundy. I would like to call it forbidden full stop. Although if there is one thing YSL really knows how to do it's packaging. Gorgeous gold packaging.
The lipstick itself is even better looking, imagine pulling this one out of your handbag? It screams luxe! There is even a small mirror on the top of the lid for sneaky applications.
And I present to you: Purple. Why I thought this would be a good idea I don't know. Perhaps the glass of cider and glass of wine I had before hand impaired my judgement? Us hospitality people look for any excuse to go for a drink and on Tuesday it just felt right. 
I really wanted this shade to work on me, like a mulberry stain or something similar but unfortunately it didn't work like that. I will wear it again though, but I have to mix it with something to get it a little softer. I also have to blue veins running up on either side of my chin and this lipstick definitely made them more noticable. 
All in all I am kicking myself for not buying a better shade but then again, the fun in beauty is to experiment and it can't always go the right way. I will find a way to use this shade because I am stubborn and don't give up on beautiful things. When the economy is down the sales of lipstick goes up and it's because it's such an easy way of transforming your look and feeling better about yourself. 

Have you ever had a lip-mistake? Have you tried berry colours?


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